I fucking cried as I wrote this... I'll miss him -that- much.

Elias left for Korea this morning to renew his visa. he won't be here when I leave for the airport in two days, and that feels so profoundly wrong. these last three months we've gone through so much together. I've learned so much about myself, and I have him to thank for a lot of it. it's not that there's anything special between the two of us, it's just plain, good and simple friendship. but friendship goes a long way some times...

"I forgot that we are in a park for a while..."

just for the sake of fucking everything up I'm going to write everything in this post in reversed chronology:

when I got home from school yesterday I was so tired that I got myself a quick dinner and then went more or less straight for bed (roughly at eleven) and slept until half past five this morning - a total reverse of my pace of day that sort of got me rewinded. I do this once in while as you all may know, and it still confuses the hell out of me every time.

that said; it's friday morning as I write this. rather odd time writing a blogpost.

yesterday we had what they call 'free talk' in our school. as we wrote the test two days ago (more on that later) we had no reason for lecture, and thus they invited some native japanese people (like you couldn't find them everywhere here) just for the sake of practice.
I was dead scared.
I don't know why, but speaking a language in which I don't feel 100% secure in my skills is very scary. guess I'm not alone in this opinion though, so I won't rant about it. anyway the free talk went real good, or at least I think so (no idea to what extent I made a fool of myself, but it was good practice). I had a good time.

two days ago we had our final exam. it felt okey writing it, and I think I'll pass (will get the answer later today). after the test I went for some ramen with Elias san, Todd san and Jimmy san - three of the guys in my class (will get nostalgic on those and the rest of em' in a future blogpost) and then went for my popping dance class. real fun, but very tiring. by the time I'm writing this I've had 16 hours of scheduled practice and a couple of hours of personal training in two weeks, and my body is somewhat informing me that this dancing thing maybe wasn't the most bright of ideas.

as always I inform my aching body to shut up, that it's me pulling the strings and not it.

after the test I went to Harajuku, to see Momo chan at 'our Starbucks' - it's pretty interesting that you appoint places to be 'yours' like that... I'm growing rather fond of her; everything feels natural and there's always something more to be said. I will miss her when I leave.

thuesday night me, Todd san and Elias san had some sushi at one of those mechanized sushi restaurants that are everythere in this town (and for that we love Tokyo - it's the most fun way eating sushi, ever!). there I learned that 中トロ (pronounced shyuutoro) is supposed to be the best piece of sushi available on the market (Todd san told me, and after tasting it I believe him). the vocal interaction leading forth to this conclusion was really entertaing and I managed to get some of it on tape (okey, that phrase is old, I know. but it still work, so that's why we still use it, eh?)

earlier in the day we practiced the phrase "which one of these two is harder / better / faster / stronger" (___と___とどちらのほうが___ですか) and were faced by the question "which country is the biggest, america or canada?" (アメリカとカナダとどちらのほうが大きいですか) canada, obviously.

...say what? you didn't know? well, me neither, to be honest. (you learn something new every day, yes?) it's all logic when you think of it, but not something that everybody goes around pondering every day, eh?

but it didn't end at that: Elias san then claimed that canada is the worlds biggest country, even bigger than russia. which it's not. (but then again, it's nothing you preoccupy yourself with for to many hours daily...)

it's a bit sad that Peter sans comment "well, maybe the map is wrong" gets cut in the end, cause it made us all laugh real hard.

back on monday I watched Taiyou no Uta. I liked it a lot. I won't say it's that good, but it's one of the best I've ever seen.

on sunday I went to a concert together with Momo chan. we watched Daishi Kataoka perform in a small bar in a neighborhood close to Harajuku. there were a lot of guest performances (it was an anniversery concert, Kataoka celebrating 15 years in the business) and the musical standard was high. the repertoire was varried and the sound was just perfect. several times I found myself goosefleshed by the performance, and singing along in 愛はどうしたの was great fun. I had a real great night.

last friday we all had our interviews. our speaking tests. back then I was also terrified, but it turned out okey. (well, I don't know that yet, they'll tell me later today eventually, but it felt okey at least).

last week a girl from taiwan moved into the last room of our apartment, so now we're full house. here name's Alisa she's really nice. her boyfriend's a master cook too, which is in profit for everyone as he loves to cook big meals and share with the rest of us. I've been in on it once and it was so good.


and that's sort of the two last weeks I've spent here. now I'm up for my last day at school, the school winter party, and ten free days of Tokyo exploring. and then it's off to London. busy me keeping myself, yes, yes... and I'm loving it.


so, tomorrow's the big grammer and kanji test. it all feels sort of okey so far. only known unknowns for what I know of it, so to speak. (if there's any unknown unknowns, please inform me)

will to give some more proper updates after that...

jag lär mig aldrig, men inte gråter jag för det

staying up studying until half past six the day before a test still works for me, obviously. now I'm of to at least a couple of hours of sleep. oyasumi!

jag tror jag använt ett semikolon korrekt för första gången i mitt liv!

I think I've done something stupid. this week all my test starts (conversation this thursday, to name one) and next friday there is a big school party where they want some people to perform through dance. I don't know why, but I let my teacher talk me into trying it out. so now I'm supposed to learn an insane popping routine (okey, not really, but it feels that way!) together with three korean people who knows almost no english (yes, that's right, 50/50 english/japanese and that's just so not fair for the conversation point of view!).

they gave me some homework for the weekend (which I'm practicing on, good student that I am), and we'll what they have to say about it tomorrow.

I mean, damn! it's not that I've got enough to do with the tests coming up? no, I'm supposed to sign up for two hours scheduled dancing practice every day plus extra practice at home. nice one Marcus. now you've done it for yourself, again. wish me luck anyone?

and for those who don't know me that well; everything written above could be summarized into one small line:

I'm so exited about this, but I'm a little nervous about how much spare time I'll have the two coming weeks.

fate'll decide, I guess :)

also, I found this video while looking for cool street dance videos on the net:

ze pain!


I just found this:

gamers have more fun, that's just the way it is <3

w- w- w- wordspree!

today I've sent like a dozen e-mails of considerable length (read: six long e-mails plus a number of short ones - that's a half-dozen, ain't it?) and my fingers huuurt! okey, not really, but it's been a marathon for them today. just two more and I'm back on zero, waiting for all the replies to drop in.

one of the mails was for my teacher, in which I tried to use as much japanese as possible. frickin' hard, but such good training.

hiragana, katakana and kanji might look like a big mumbo-jumbo if you don't know it, but in my opinion it's very beautiful once you get to know it. especially hiragana and kanji and the kombination of those.

a couple of weeks ago I activated japanese output in my keyboard and I've been a real happy guy ever since. sort of a funny (but annoying) paradox that no one understands what I'm writing except for my japanese friends, who don't understand what I'm writing either due to my lack of understanding for the language...

but hey, a man gotta' start somewhere...

please let me express myself through interpretative dancing

yesterday a new girl moved into our guesthouse. me and Elias had a quick talk with her yesterday night, but it wasn't until today that I got a good chance to actually talk to her.

she's about my (our) age and from France. really sweet girl.

when I told her that I dance lindy hop and showed her my favorite lindy video she exclaimed "wow, I wan't to do that!". said and done I taught her the basics in the coming two and a half hours.

it felt so great to teach again - brought back all the memories of people I taught earlier this summer. mind you, nothing complicated, but at least I can cover the basics in a single student class.

wonder what I'll teach her the next lesson...

det är dem små sakerna som gör det

after finishing class today I went for dinner with Elias and Jimmy (a.k.a. zen-dude (Elias idea)). after finishing the tempura we went back to school to do some homework. I actually got something done, for once, but that's not it.

it (or the first it, that is) was that the old man working the cleaning of the school walked up to me exclaiming: "Kennedy!". my retort was something like "um, what?" (behold my razor wit) but Jimmy came to a quick rescue saying "hai, Kennedy-san!". the old man walked away, fully content.

not following? no prob, took me a while to figure it out to: obviously the old man thought I looked like the late JFK! no doubt it was a compliment, but it was sort of out of the blue. I'm glad anyway, even considering the risk that I'll be Kennedy-san from now on -.-

the other it was that Yoshida sensei came out to check upon our progress once - and she brought candy! chocolate lollypops - how cute ain't that?! I seriously love my sensei.

both these its made me very happy. small things both, but they meant a lot.

when me and Elias came home we were introduced to Nadia, our new flatmate. really sweet and cool french girl with superb attitude. I like her a lot allready. hopefully we'll manage a welcome party for her this friday.

and yeah, it's the first of december and there's no snow. no christmas feelings are present what-so-ever, and I so love it!

so what's this day been like? someone mistakes me for Kennedy, my teacher gives me candy and the new flatmate seems like a cool chick' - really good start of the week, to say the least.

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