a tribute to mr Potter

every saturday there is a swing party here in Tokyo. today it was C-Jam. a very well arranged event, and I must say it's my favorite of the lot.

there are several people in the staff, but I would like to give one certain someone of them a little extra credit: Shawn Potter, aka the Tokyo Lindy Sensei (I dubbed him that just a couple of minutes ago).

a couple of weeks ago I talked to him about his view on dancing as a phenomenon, and even though I really can't retell what he said to me I can still remember the amazement I felt after the talk. it wasn't that he'd said anything new or revolutionary, but the way he'd made it all sound so natural in some way I don't know.

that was the same day that he'd taught me the basics of Balboa. he's a good teacher - equal parts skill, pedagogue, humor and everything else that is important but that I can't remember writing this.

tonight I filmed him while he took to the floor, and here's the result:

might not mean much, but I like the guy. wish he'll turn up at Herräng as a teacher so that I can learn more from him then.

Postat av: Henrietta


Hoppas att du har det jätte bra!!

Förstår din fascination över honom. Han var bra o har en härlig känsla.


2008-11-29 @ 23:23:02
Postat av: Shawn Potter

Wow. Marcus, thanks. I am not sure that I am deserving of such praise. However, I am extremely happy when I can inspire someone! I am so glad that I have, especially knowing the incredible line-up of teachers who have taught Marcus before. I have to say that I am also inspired by Marcus' fantastic attitude and the way that he just has "fun" on the dance floor. Much thanks.


2008-11-30 @ 09:38:32
URL: http://www.swifle.com
Postat av: Oskar Berg

Först och främst, fan vad härlig låt :D har du den så langa på något vänster:)

Sen så dansade han bra! Lite sämre än mig bara;)(A) Tycker inte man ser jätte mycket speciellt i den här videon , men kan tänka mig annat han klarar av:)

And if Shawn see's this; I have to say that you dance very well:)

/Marcus Brother Oskar

2008-11-30 @ 21:39:15
Postat av: Agnes Hjelm

Why didn't I dance with this guy when I was in Tokyo? Oh well, have to do it next time I visit. =)

2008-12-01 @ 18:55:17

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