by far värsta med japan so far

I just came up with a reason to hate the japanese...

the kanji for woman looks like this: 女

the kanji for cheap looks like this: 安

the kanji for cheap depicts a woman under a roof.

I will say that again:

the kanji for cheap depicts a woman under a roof!

our teacher gave us the explanation that women who stay at home have a lot of time to browse commercials for great offers. say what?! how are we ever going to get an equal society if one of the most basic kanji tells you that women should stay at home, taking on the role as a housewife?

or why not make an even more obscure connection: the women kanji make out one part of the cheap kanji, can't that be interpreted as 'women are cheap'? just sayin'.

no wonder this country is so far behind on gender equality...

Postat av: sofia

undrar om det var en man som uppfann det där tecknet :p apropå jack sparrow så har jag också träffat honom ute, fast i sthlm! skägg, dreads, kajal, smycken och kläder - hela kitet. jag frågade honom om han fick många ragg när han såg ut så, han ba "alltså jag ser alltid ut så här, mössan och kajalen tar jag på när jag ska gå ut men annars är det ingen skillnad", gud vad jag skrattade! det finns härliga människor lite överallt :D

2008-11-28 @ 09:05:15
Postat av: Shawn Potter

Just to keep things in perspective...

The "ON" reading is "AN" which means peaceful, calm. The words 安心 (anshin) "peace of mind" and 安全 (anzen) "safe" both use this kanji. The "Kun" reading means "cheap" or "easy to". It can also mean calm or peace of mind as in 安らぎ (yasuragi).

We could easily also shift perspective to look at the woman under the roof as meaning calmness and safety.

2008-11-30 @ 15:52:53
Postat av: mackan

wow, thanks for this insight! still not happy about the fact that woman is in yasui, but not discontent anymore at least. thank you Shawn :)

2008-12-01 @ 18:00:25

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