mästerkock pt3

what do you call it? rice boiler? one of those things that makes cooking rice more easy than cutting up bread?

anyhow. we've got two of those in our apartment. yes, two, not one (and no bad jokes about double-barrelled rice cooking here, please), and yours truly has learned have to work those!

result: rice breakfast. rice lunch. rice dinner.


or not.

but really. some rice from time to time at least.

as for plan B in the latest 'master chef' update it all ended with me cooking some pasta an pouring an egg over it. pretty good, actually.

and yes, you guessed it: not much meat for me atm, so eggs will have to suffice for the proteins. next step on the 'make your own food' checklist is to learn how to cook tempura, and thus fixing the proteins problem. but that's a story for another day!


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