en halv helg borta, bara sådär

attended a beginners class of balboa today. real fun, but hard. due to the fact that all movements are so small compared to lindy there's less room for screwups - but that's gotta be good training, I guess. someone will have to spend a lot of time doing basic the coming weeks, that's for sure. and yeah, it's definitely a dancers dance, not a viewers dance, if you wondered.

strait to Kamagawa for some lindy social dancing. first time dancing lindy in two weeks, and gosh' how I've missed it. had some real great dances ("allright-this-dance-made-my-day"-dances) and am really glad for that.

dead tired now though. seven hours dancing in one day sure is fun, but my legs tend to get a bit grumpy somewhere along the way.

second day in a row someone's decided that Yama-san is an appropriate name for me after taking notice of my necklace. a bit humorous, imo. but I won't tell them not to; it's a bit more smooth than trying to pronounce my real name (ma-lu-ku-su is the closest you'll come with the japanese vocabulary).

some japanese coming along to. not that I say anything, ever, but I understand fragments of what people say occationally :)


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