effektiv fingerträning

it's sort of interesting, cause since I came here the average length of the mails I write to people have increased considerably. that's nice, cause' more content sent also means more content recieved once the recipient replies. more content often means more interesting content to, at least in this case.

I was sort of nervous that I would lose contact with a lot of people, moving here. but that really hasn't been an issue. everybody knows where I am and how to get in touch with me, and it works out really good. thank God for that.

I wonder how many words I write every day though... there's a couple, to say the least. my speed's increased to, especially in english, which feels good.

my stay here also proves that I'm not a total slave to technology. almost two months without a cellphone and I feel fine. sure, I now have to put a bit more of an effort into planning. but that's not as big an issue as it could be, really.

why don't you try that at home? living without a cell for week? I promise to bake a cake for everyone who manage to do it :)

Postat av: Agnes

I lived without a cellphone for more than a week during the summer. Firstly I was at Herräng, the batteries died and there was nowhere I could recharge it, and when I got home I discovered that the company had cut me off because of an unpaid bill. I deserve cake!! Or crêpes ;)

2008-11-26 @ 00:20:45
Postat av: mackan

crêpes in your case. damn, now I really have to learn how to make those...

2008-11-27 @ 17:24:35
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Postat av: sofia

jag glömde min mobil hemma igår och kollade den inte på 16 timmar (ja, jag räknade), jag fick världens abstinens... lite teknikberoende kanske :p

2008-11-28 @ 08:52:33

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