oh, man, have I got some catching up to do? shit, shit, shit.


okey, shouldn't exaggerate like that. sry.

we had our mid term exam today, and I think it went rather well. not top of the class, mind you, but it should be enough to pass. I'll keep you posted.

rather proud of myself as I really put an effert into studying for this test, a lot more effort than I use to. went to bed as late as 4am two consecutive days in a row (yesterday and the day before that, that is). it's not that I've learned anything new these last days, but a lot of pieces has fallen into place. not up for conversation with natives yet, but I think I'll get there before I leave - and that feels sort of cool.

after the test I felt that I wanted to reward myself, so I went shopping (how not original ain't that? damn, what Svensson I am). so what did I shop? CDs, of course! (shame on the one who didn't guess that one right). I bought Younhas two latest albums (Someday and SONGS). she's the best, seriously.

I've listened to both of the albums now. SONGS turned out to be a compilation out of which only two were new to my collection, but everything one Someday was new. good record, but a bit to many ballads for my taste. oh, well.

I missed the release of Wrath of the Lich King. and when I say missed I mean missed. like 'what, I had no idea that game existed'-missed. we're talking big time here. people here doesn't seem to play WoW. and if they do I've totally missed it. there's still [big] commercials for GTA4 at various places (even though the game was released more than half a year ago), but I haven't seen one single commercial for WotLK anywhere.

so I must admit that it feels somewhat odd to read about all the cool big events but not being able to get out and look em' up for yourself... extra odd due to the fact that I for sure had worked on this release if I'd been around, but obiously I'm not. talk about being left out.

last note: in the face of the upcoming examination I've spent this week eating cakes. lots of cakes. am damn glad I'll get to dance some lindy tomorrow :)~


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