när man ändå pratar könsroller

this is an article about Magic, a tournament review written by a girl nicking herself Duke.

yes, you heard me right: a girl playing magic and also writing an article about it.

you can guess what a storm of comments that created. all points of view represented.

in the end the discussion narrowed down to why there aren't so many girls playing MTG, when a guy nicked Synneby posted this comment:

"Om det är något som skrämmer bort tjejer från den här hobbyn så är det alla som spelar magic blir helt galna så fort de ser en tjej hålla i ett par kort. Seriöst, tjejer finns över allt. Gör inte en så stor grej av det."

that said, it's our own fault (obviously). sure must say that I long for the day that we, as the homogenous group we are, manage to change this for the better.


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