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re-remebering memories previously forgotten must be like tripping on drugs, only cheaper.

explanation: for the last two hours I've been postponing sleep, browsing facebook for pictures of all my friends. doing something like this it becomes apparent that I've met so many interesting, cool and nice people in my life. some of them good friends, some of them more to be considered ex-friends - no matter what the memories stays the same and brings as much joy.

not all memories are good memories, mind you, but they're still a part of you and should thus be as much remembered as the good ones - though differently treated.
good memories should be savored; they bring happiness and that's why you should remember them. basic, but people tend to forget this... (not the least me, mind you...)
bad memories are there to teach you something. life is a great lesson; you learn something new every day, and often it's the bitter lessons that teach you the most...

every person that you've ever met plays a role in the great story that is your life. some minor, some major. some distinctive, some subtle. some friendship lasts forever, and some most certainly not. for good or bad? subjective. it all depends on what you make of it?

savoring good memories and learning from bad is something I haven't been doin' not nearly enough the last couple of years, and question is whether I'll manage to learn the lesson this time around either.

time will tell.


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