lovely weekend followup: another lovely weekend!

this has been a long weekend. literally.

I don't know if it's coincidence, but during my time here we've had as much as three extended weekends. that is: monday of as well, thus extending the weekend by one day. probably coincidence, but damn appreciated coincidence, if you ask me!

this saturday there was a big lindy hop event in the Ikspiari (pronounced experie), a club situated just beside Tokyo Disneyland. there was a live band playing, and more or less every lindy hopper in Tokyo would attend. surely I couldn't miss that, eh?

problem: dress code.

I've got no clothes appropriate for this kind of event here! in Sthlm, yeah, sure, I could make that. but here? no. I had to put my faith in shopping.

said and done, I went to Tokyo (and now you're thinking "but you're in Tokyo, how can you go to something you're already in?". yeah, yeah, smartyhead. there's a part of Tokyo named Tokyo, that's why.) to check out what kind of cool stores I could find there.


Tokyo seems to be where everyone with to much money goes shopping. okey, that's unfair, but everybody with a more extensive budget than. I couldn't find any appropriate clothes that costed less than ¥40000. that's like 400 dollars. and no way I'm buying a shirt that expensive. sorry, really sorry, but just no. it's almost half my rent, damnit!

so no new clothes and a couple of hours to kill til' appointed meeting with Marcus (swedish guy from last week, y'know) and もも (Momo). what to do? well, why not play tourist for once I asked?

and did.

in many ways Sthlm is a more beautiful town than Tokyo, I have to admit that, but one thing it really lacks in comparison i size.

and please remember boys and girls: this was the 22nd of november.

with these pictures I can also say that it's decided that november in Tokyo most certainly am not the same as november in sweden. I always feel down in november, and that is to say the least. this year, for the first time in many years I've actually enjoyed myself and my life during november. that's one hell of a feat. thanks Tokyo.


after the stroll in the park I met up with the others and we were on our way *gasp* all in all the experience at Ikspiari was a nice one. the band was a good one, and classy (to say the least). though they played to much fast paced music for my taste. really great evening though.

and yes, you can tell I was one of the more underdressed. but I tried to make it up in dancing enthusiasm, haha.

this photo was taken after the party. it's もも to the left and me (obviously) to the right.

it's so funny, cause' when I look at this photo I think I look so much like my grandfathers (on both my mothers and my fathers side). I don't know if anyone agrees with me, but to me it really shows my heritage.

another interesting detail: もも is japanese for peach. I mean: ain't that cute? the name really suits her. it's just perfect.

that's for saturday. sunday I spent playing tourist once more, this time in Yoyogi park. another difference from the day before was that I spent the whole day in company of Marcus and もも.

the weather was terrific and there was a lot of people everywhere in the park (compared to last sunday when it was rather empty, due to the then bad weather). to quote Cayce Pollard: it was precisely as in humlegården a sunny summer day, but it really wasn't.

the most beautiful spot in the park, in my opinion, is in the centre where they have a couple of fountains. mr rainbow seemed to agree upon my opinion as he payed a visit to. I even caught him in a photo, lucky me!

at one time during the afternoon four girls from Osaka had a little gig in front of the fountains. they call themselves Brilliant and I really liked their music, especially the piano and the part it played.

very soft and cute j-pop. will anyone be surprised if I say that I bought their CD? no, didn't think so either...

after a couple of lovely hours spent walking in the park we decided it was time for some dinner so we walked into Harajuku and went to a restaurant serving pizza.

yes. you heard it right.


two months since I ate a real pizza last time, and I've missed it big time. the taste was terrific, but the size was dissapointing - it was the size of a kids pizza in sweden and cost me roughly ¥1500. that's about 125kr! expensive as... yeah. but totally worth it. this once, at least. don't think I'll go back there for as long as I stay here though, haha.

there was a really good atmosphere in the restaurant to, and I don't know for how long we sat there. but once we left もも informed that she had to get going, but me and Marcus stayed. we spent an hour or two walking the shoppingstreaks of Harajuku, the best shoppingstreaks I've walked so far here in Tokyo. but that probably says more about me than the shoppingstreak itself.

one other thing that Harajuku is known for (apart from the shopping) is the crepes they sell there, and man where they good! I had one with cream, strawberrys and chocolate sauce - mmm! I'm so gonne' learn how to prepare those when I get the chance...

the crepe sort of marked the end of the day though and we said goodbye. there are a couple of years difference between me and Marcus, but the guy's young at heart. I'm having such a good time every time we hang out.

oh, wait, did I say end of the day? sorry, it wasn't over. on the train on my way back to where I live I did it again. a really cute girl at least ten years my senior stepped on the train a couple of stations after I did. we made eye contact and didn't break it of as fast as you're 'supposed to' here, resulting in both of us getting really embarassed and almost not daring to look at each other for the rest of the train ride (we sat opposite each other, of course).

when we were approaching my station I scribbled down a note which read "You are really cute. Have a nice day!", planning on giving it to her when I got of the train.

the irony of fate. guess who got of at the same station as I did? altering the now less perfect plan I instead knocked her on the should as she was about to step on the escalator, delivered the note, and walked away - not looking back. and that, my dear readers, was a very hard thing to do. believe my words.

and yes, I realized that she might have a boyfriend, and that she might not know english. but any case is fine! she can check with someone who knows english if she doesn't understand. and she can throw the note away once she's read it and just keep it as a memory, or keep the note itself if she wants it physical. it was only a compliment after all, a written compliment.

and that sort of marked the end of my sunday. really.

monday then...


and yeah, that's about it.

huh? didn't get the context? okey, I'll try to be more thorough:

it has rained the whole day today. I haven't showered, only left the house once to go buy some food, and spent most of the day in front of the computer.

I've reloaded my batteries today. it's as easy as that.

Postat av: Daniel

Alltid lika kul å läsa om dina små äventyr. Fin grej med den söta tjejen, det är en sån grej som bara du kan göra :P

Och låt mig säga så här: Du bjuder på crepe när du kommit hem, dessutom ska du visa att du kan koka ris.

Finns det ingen motsvarighet till HM som du kan handla kläder i? Eller det kanske rentav finns ett HM någonstans?

2008-11-24 @ 19:21:20
Postat av: Agnes

I know how hard it is to not look back... but if you've decided to go through with it you sort of have no choice but to keep walking away without looking. at least that's how it felt to me. anyway, brave thing to do :)

and yeah, I'm still kinda pissed I missed the event at Ikspiari. man, I'm pissed I went home. I could've had so much more fun with you, and the weather's crappy here. hard wind, lots of snow, cold and dark... yeah, november gets me down too :(

keep on having fun for me too, darling! say hello to Marcus for me :)

hugs n' kisses

2008-11-24 @ 21:35:18

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