japanese culture at it's best

have a look at this picture.

okey, so I'm indulged to ask the obvious question: what's this?

sorry Jack, but it's certainly not a snowball or anything you can fit into your song. it's totally useful when it's cold outside though.

I refuse to guess as long as you're trying to be funny.



it's a neckwarmer.

well, yeah, that's interesting... NOT!

hold it, hold it, hold it. hear me out. it's more than a neckwarmer. it's a piece of japanese culture!

yeah, because neckwarmers don't exist outside the land of the rising sun...

um, well, as a matter of fact they...

irony. ever heard of it?

ahem, ya, of course...

so why is it a piece of culture?

because of what is written on the sticker.

the same sticker that noone can read due to your poor camera skills, I take it?

um, yeah, I'm raelly sad that the resolution is as bad as it is. but it's the best I can offer.

apology accepted and forgotten. what's on the sticker?

first it says ネックウォ・マ・, which means neckwarmer...

the hair on my back is now standing up and cheering at your excellent attempt at being boring.

and then it says "warm, comfortable, and looks so cute".

say that again.

"warm, comfortable, and looks so cute".

that can't be serious marketing.

but it is.

shit, are these japs out of their minds?

no, just honest. and to some extent not so good at english, I suppose.

agreed. but can't blame them for not trying.

wanna know how much I payed for it?

hit me.


bitch. english, please?

that's like 1 dollar.

those japs are really of our their minds, I'm sure of it now.

not at all! I bought in a きゅじゅうきゅ shop, a 99yen shop. a shop where everything costs 99yen plus 5% consumer tax. that is: everything costs a dollar.

and what do they sell there. apart from... "warm, comfortable, and looks so cute" neckwarmers?

oh, that depends on the shop in question. but often one part consists of candy and cheap fast food while the other part provides cheap stuff for everyday life: pens, tape, stickers, plates, reading glasses, umbrellas - everything that's cheap enough to be in the store.

sounds like a good deal...

sort of is in one way, but not in every way.

as that everything has to be cheap, all food you buy comes in small quantitys...

exactly. meaning that you lose the opportunity of 'big buy' good deals.

and as it has to be cheap, no no-cheap products will be part of the assortment.

yes, there's not a wide range of products. but that's the price you have to pay to fit in, obviously.

and people buys their stuff, so why complain?

I'm not complaining, just pointing it out.

would you have reflected on it if you hadn't been as much into markets as you are?

probably not.

something out of all of these years schooling, at least.

anyhow. really cute piece of japanese culture anyway.

if you say so...

Postat av: Daniel

Nu har vi någon dm snö här, härligt va?

2008-11-22 @ 12:29:35

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