vad som dansas till i solens land

a classmate of mine told me today that this song is really popular in all the clubs here.

watcha' think? mind comparing it to this summers in my opinion number one hit?

and yes, I hate it that they expose women the way they do in these videos. seriously one of the things I hate the most about this genre.

softporn should not be as intertwined in a musicstyle as it is with house these days. if people want porn they find real stuff.

prob is, it obviously works. those marketing idiots know their stuff, but I won't resent them less for it. to me this kind of exploitation is just proof that professionals nowadays tend to cut off on ethics in favor for economical gain.

how the f*ck is the world going to survive if everyone was like that? I've been one of em' so I obviously know their train of thought and the shordsightedness of it all makes me sick... shit.

good music though. darn good music.


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