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this has been one of those weekends that has been so good, and it's happened so much, so I don't have the energy (nor the time) to retell it all in detail (however much I'd want to). and to wait a couple of days and tell the story then is not an alternative either, as all the enthusiasm will be gone by then. (proof that you shouldn't wait to update - the quality falls drastically)

so, what have I done this weekend? I slept long and well on saturday, not getting out of bed until half past one to realize that I've gotten myself addicted to coke (and not for the first time, either!). fuck you coffeine!

I went to Tamagawa for Chocolate Shake (a lindy hop social dance) where I met two other swedes who knew each other from before the event, but had no idea that the other one was present in Tokyo at the moment. small world.

social dancing was fun, real fun, and ended far to quickly (as always). on our way to the train station Agnes (a girl worth her own post, which is due to come) told me that she were heading for a club in Roppongi and that I was welcome to join if I dared.

I dared.

well there we met Erik, a friend of Agnes. the club was named Flower and sported two dance floors: one pumping hiphop and the other various kinds of electro. guess where I spent my night.

we arrived at eleven-ish and left six hours later.

during these hours we socialized some, drank some, and danced a lot. early in the night I hooked up with two sweet girls from Nagoya and had a lot of fun dancing with them. they left at 2 am though (or something like that), which made me a little sad...

but fear not! enter the three non-japanese-japanese people! a brit, an american and an african, each with double citizenships. these two guys and gal partied hard, almost as hard as us swedes *wink, wink* and I had a lot of fun with them too!

at 5 am I decided enough was enough. three and a half hour of lindy hop followed by five and a half (effective dancing time) of club sort of payed its toll on me. nine hours, I tell you! nine hours! new high score! (wonder if I'll get an achievement for it, too?)

we went and grabbed a burger at First Kitchen (because McDonalds had started serving breakfast, those basterds) and then started the journey home, something that shouldn't be so problematic due to the fact that all trains had started again (morning traffic).

but yes, of course it was. took me frickin' more than one and a half hour when I normally wouldn't have taken more than three quarters of an hour. *grumble, grumble* why, you ask? some problem with yamanote line that we never understood why (I'm obviously not that good in japanese yet).


got home a quarter to eight and went to sleep shortly thereafter...


...to have my alarmclock go off at ten so that I would have plenty of time to stitch myself up for another lindy hop social dance in Yoyogi park at 1 pm. okey, exaggeration: no stitching needed, but my body was in pain. my legs didn't want to walk properly (so I walked like a drunkard the first couple of hours yesterday. real fun! not.), my shoulders explained to me in a most excruciating way that it was a really bad idea to lift my arms above my head, and my back kept yelling at me that being a hunchback maybe wasn't such a bad idea after all.

but it's just a bodyache. nobody's ever died of that, right?


swingdancing in Yoyogi went well anyway. don't really know how to describe it... it was just all so great!

until it started raining :*(

so we went for some karaoke instead:

fifteen-ish lindyhoppers with not much in common apart from our interest in dancing and the overall good mood - guess what a varied field of karaokesongs that turned into! me, personally, I got myself a go at Basket Case and Hello Tomorrow (the latter being somewhat tricky in the verses, I tell you).

three hours passed in a go, but we still felt we hadn't had enough of each other so we went for coffee (after a quick stop at a ramen shop, yum!).

seriously don't know for how long we sat there talking, I had such a good time! in many ways the perfect way to end an incredible weekend.


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