"How do you measure friendship?"
"I think you do it in terms of cookies, and jam."

Welcome to Stockholm Anna. It's good to see you again.

RIP Frankie

It is a sad day for us lindy hoppers today, cause' Frankie Manning is with us no more.

Thank you for everything you've done for the community and dancing on the whole.

Rest in peace.

Vackra toner

Anyone know a program to record the audio from youtube? I sooo much want this:

That's what the Peon said: "work, work, work..."

Even though we don't have actual midterms examination in Sweden as you do in Japan it's somewhat similar (I won't try to prove it statistically though, haha). Next week six hand-ins are due, and on top of that there's a test. One hand in is done so far and three more are walking the same road.

On top of this I'm working tomorrow afternoon, and on saturday and sunday too. This is going to be a hell of a weekend ^^

Stupid costumers

Who would ramble into a store three minutes before closing time and ask the staff to demo some hardware "So that I know how to help my daughter when I buy her one, which won't be today"?

Just wonderin'... *grumble grumble*

Intellectual friday

Spending an evening in company of Andy and Elias sort of gives you a perspective. The three of us are just so different, but given certain underlying values we get along really well.

Tonight we spent a lot of time discussing change; willingness to change oneself and what these changes bring with them.

I had a great time.

Det går bra nu

Today I attended my first lindy hop class since coming home to Sweden again. I got to act stand-in for Martinas partner in the advanced couple class. I had such a good time. Just like that all the positive feelings from last spring came back to me - it was so fun focusing on those new steps, trying to get it all to work. I just feel so energized over this.

Yesterday I was introduced to by Agnes (my nic is Yamasama - go add me)., and as an extension to that I browsed the net or all the music I've missed out on for the last two months. Turned out to be a bunch. (en, två och tre bra nya singlar)

Two days ago a really cute girl sat down opposite me on the subway. Thrice we made eye contact, shying away every time (why is it that you always look at each other at the same time? I don't understand). Halfway home she got a call and answered in perfect english. My thought: "um, nice, 23-ish year old exchange student...", so I scribbled down a note, leaving my phone and asking her get in contact if she wanted to talk. And she did.

A weekend full of good stuff

Feel the sarcasm.

Yesterday night a friend called me and told that he'd been assaulted at work the day before. That sucks.

It all went well, thankfully. He didn't get hurt or anything. But still.

My thoughts go to you Daniel. I'm glad you're okey.

In rememberance

Think back on your high school days. Remember everything you did, all your friends that you hanged out with, everything you learned, all the adventures you put yourself through, all the hardships. But remember also everything that you never did, everything that you missed out on for one reason or another.

Think back on this. Now, I'm pretty sure that every one of you can think of two or three friends that you for one reason or another never befriended enough, even though in retrospect you've never been able to really answer why you never did so.

One of my friends died a month ago. I read it in the newspaper today.

We never spoke that much even though we were in the same, but for lack of trying or of interest I can't remember. I always had the feeling that she never really liked me, but in retrospect that's hopefully just teenager superstition - probably fueled by the fact that I for a while had a secret crush on her... It's easy for me to say now, but for the last year or so I've been pretty curious how she's doing, being on the verge of contacting her through facebook once or twice.

I wonder if things would have been different then... Probably not, but we'll never know now.

Rest in peace Natta. I'll see you in heaven instead.

Master of the danstävling

I while back my mum came up with the idea that the whole family should take a boat trip to Åland as a way of celebrating the birthday of my father (which took place last week).

Said and done we left shore this wednesday. It was a nice trip including everything that you're to expect out of a 24 hour ride (or at least that's what I presume; I'm not overly accustomed with these kind of spectacles). Only thing out of the ordinary (once again presumed ordinarity) was that Tony Irving had what they called a dance school (what I more call lecture on dancing... anyway.), a dance school which they rounded up with a dancing contest.

Nine couples total, of which three were to be eliminated after a round of bugg. Remaining six couples were then supposed to dance seven dances, each played to a different tune with expected movements supposedly changing with the music (several times it would be an exaggeration to call these movements dancing...)

So why was this out of the ordinary? Well, first of all the first couple to be dragged out of the audience was my parents (and shame on you who believed this to be a voluntary contest). It didn't then take long before Tony decided that two Bergs on the floor wasn't enough, and thus my brother was dragged into the mayhem as well (guess if I was beaming by now). Eight and a half couple down the road, a lone lady in the better end of her 70s looking for a partner, mr. Irving rationaled that it would be unfair to leave the fourth Berg out of the party. (here picture yourself me losing my face and my brother putting on his - there's capital L Love between the two of us, I tell thee).

Recounting the whole contest would be a pain as much for you as it would for me, and thus you're here given the shortened version: (you should thank me for this!)
Mum and dad got eliminated in the first round, even though they were like the technically most advanced couple on the stage. This because the audience were the judges and elemination depended handclaps. Dancing the final was fun at times (saturday night fever, hip hop, twist) and less fun at other times (tango, wienervals). In the end my brother finished fourth and I won.

I won.

Okey, not really. Two kids < 12 turned out to be most popular in the eyes of the audience, even though they never took a proper step (but what's to be expected out of a committee such as this one, haha). Me, I got a bottle of whine and some chocolate, so I felt content too :)


De onda fly när ingen jagar dem

Dagens I-landsproblem: Ordval

This weekend I've had the feeling several times over that whenever I open my mouth to say something (and do say something) it comes out sounding a lot less sophisticated and smart than it was intended to.

I've walked around feeling that I've made a fool of myself time and time again without never really doing it. I'm not stupid and I want to show that. But why then do I only talk bullshit, never saying anything of import?

Why won't me, my mind and my mouth cooperate?

following in family footsteps

For the second night in a row I dreamed that I was the protagonist of an action movie. A new movie tonight and it felt as real as last time. And when you wake up in the middle of a scene you know that it's over. Done. Finito. You won't go back to the set even though the movie's not done yet. Good thing I don't have a problem with leaving unfinished novels or movies behind.

It's a bit odd, cause' I seldom remember my dreams (something I've been proud to proclaim whenever anyone asked) - but this two-nights-in-a-row incident sort of puts that claim on the edge, doesn't it?

And here I am, up at 8am sunday morning with ten hours of sleep to work with. Sunday here I come.

This day's going to be lovely.


Today I went to a musical about the life of Buddy Holly together with my family. It was good and it was obvious that all the performers were professionals. My parents and my brother enjoyed it a lot.

Me on the other hand can't say that I did, really. I wasn't in the mood for it. They did a darn good job, so it's me rather than them that is standing at a fault here.

Me, I just want it to become sunday. Tomorrow'll be a lot of fun but tonight it's nothing else than studies and cleaning for me. Mark well that I'm not whining about having to do some work here (because that'll be fun), but that tomorrow's so far away.

Why can't it just be sunday morning, like, right now?


I look into the mirror and I see right through it. In losing consistency we lost so much more.

Nine weeks and counting

I figured I'd have some cool time after the tests last week.

I wish.

Starting things up takes big amounts of energy too, obviously. Five days of school and four new teachers richer though (and that's a plus!).

Right now I'm into econometry (statistics), macroeconomics (economics), analysis of empirical studying (economics) and analysis of the swedish economical model (economics). That is; two out four courses are about regression and regression's fun.

A rather personal history class

My father had his birthday this monday, the 30th of March. Yesterday I took him for dinner, as a matter of birthday gift. Just the two of us, and a lot of sushi. (buffé, you're like my best friend when it comes to food, did I ever tell you that?)

For a couple of hours we sat talking, talking about him. I've through time realized that I know a lot about my parents last ten years - but what about the rest of it?

Yesterday I learned that up until the age 15 nothing much happen in my fathers life, at least nothing that I hadn't heard before, and same went for age 24 and up. But the years in between were real gold mines, in a historical sense.

It's pretty interesting to start looking into the past of your parents, trying to see what it is that's formed them into the people they are today.

It's good history.

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