Well, fuck me

Friendship is like flowers; if you stop tendering it it withers and dies.

Also, if you cut it up in a bad way it dies as well, notwithstanding if your intentions were clean or not.

I'm dissapointed. Terribly, terribly dissapointed.

Fortune favors, eh?

Just my luck, I guess.

It's evident how the value of the ability to handle big chunks of data and to draw inference from that data has gone up of late - it significantly correlates with the rise of use of internet.

Statisticians are not the only ones who learn how to manage and analyze this data, but this ability in combination with the tools given to us by statistics opens up even more fields to work upon and look into.

Combine this with the fact that there are surprisingly few who study statistics, and it's easy to arrive at the conclusion that the work situation isn't looking that bad at all, even given the economical situation the world's in right now.

As they say: There's always stuff to do, and always people willing to pay for it - question is if you want to do the stuff being asked for or not.

But do you know what the best part about all this is? Statistics is fun. It's interesting. And it's challenging. It's just that you need to spend a pretty long time to get into it. But once you do; it's cool stuff.

"Sometimes changes come suddenly..."

It's been four days of increadible joy, and now one day of great sadness.

Thank you for this week Yumiko. And thank you for all the time before.

I'll miss you very much.

I'm in love ^^

Edit later the same day:
And some more love ^^

pricken över i't, grädden på moset, och allt det där

This one is right on the spot. A bit scary, almost (but just almost, thankfully).

Totally megabra

I've been playing Mega Man 9 on and off throughout the whole summer, and today I beat Dr.Wily, finally.

So here's the review: The stage design is awesome, the music's even better, the story ain't that good (but noone expected anything else), the difficulity level is high (but manageable, and in turn rewarding), and the flavor is totally there.

Speaking frankly I loved it. Big time.

I'm so looking forward to the next official installment, and in my waiting I'm frantically trying to get my hands on Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

The official installment, that is. Seems like there's a Mega Man fan on Deviant Art named MegaPhilX who's allready working on an unofficial version of Mega Man 10. Robot Masters featured below.

There are some videos up on youtube and it looks really hardcore with a lot of insta-kills bouncing around left and right.

If he can pull this of and really release it I'm so looking forward to trying it out. Go MegaPhilX!

And below is another fanmade game in process captain'd by HKLurch18; Mega Man 72.

I want this. I want it all. Waaagh!

...and for some reason I get the feeling that I'm only scratching the surface of all the Mega Man geekyness that's out there...

I'm gonna' have a good time exploring all this fan material in the ensuing weeks ^^

Darn profiteers

Found this pic on facebook (I think it's from this years Närcon).

Wish I'd come up with it first!


Remember Agnes, the swedish lindy hopper I ran into in Tokyo that spontaneously had me go clubbing with her and yadda yadda yadda? Yesterday I went to Uppsala to see her.

What's cool with this chick is that she's a handful when you see her, but then she turn out to be even more than meets the eye.

I love it how it's so wonderfully easy to hang out with people on the same wavelength as yourself - everything just works. No trifles, no missunderstandings, no pussyfooting. Just slide. Just flow.

It's falling. Get it? Fall-ing?

As of today I'm proclaiming this summer over and done with. Today is, after all, my last day at work following the summer schedule! Henceforth I'm just working weekends, like every other term for the last six and a half years.

In exactly a week, on wednesday, I'm registering for fall courses at uni. This will be the year I'm writing my essay(-s). First it's statistics, and in spring I'm aiming for one in economics.

I'm honestly looking forward to this a lot. It sort of feels like the next natural step in my education - a good way to end the beginners level studies and prepare for the masters program.

Now as to what to write about... Well, that'll come with time, I hope :)

E is for Effort

Remember back in december when I told you I went to a concert celebrating Daishi Kataoka 15 years in the business? (probably not). Daishi had some cool guest artist, but I never memorized them.

By now I've been wanting to check up on one of them for the better part of a month, but remembering their groupname... Well, it wasn't part of the equation.

I've been a bit sad about that :(

Until this morning! I've been spending the last half an hour giving it my all, and it finally paid out. The group is named Diana~Diana, and I found them by looking up Daishi Kataoka on japanese wikipedia (he's not on the english one) and reading through the number of groups he's mixed and remastered. たえへんね。

Official homepage


And here's a live vid on the song that I liked so much back in december:

Might this adventure be proof that that nothing's impossible? Nah, probably not. But a nice try, nonetheleast.

Some economic reflection

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Don't ask me why I haven't done it.

I'm a fan of SNSD, so when I first heard this song and watched this vid back in april I also got in contact with Samsungs HaHaHa-campaign.

The campaign is all about the mood and the lyrics; Even though the times are tough right now it's important to look up and think positive. This global crisis will only be solved by people regaining confidence in the market/-s and starting to consume goods again.

Good try Samsung, a really good try, considering that this kind of performance-fueled economy is something that we want to live in. Personally, I'm not so sure...

In order for a company to grow it needs to invest, and in order to invest it needs disposable capital (i.e. money). This is logical. Everybody knows that.

In order for a company to aqcuire dosposable capital it needs either a surplus or investors. Investors are aqcuired through promises of a return to the capital they invest. This is pretty logical too. But it's after this that it gets edgy.

Due to the science of accounting being the way it is it's possible to produce a lot of different conclusions from the same data material (it's applied statistics, after all), and thus it's possible for companys to trick investors that they seem more profitable than they really are.

So, we have a system where smart companys that are not doing so good economically can profit on badly educated investors. And this is just one thing that is bad with it. There are many more odd quirks that can be (more or less) easily manipulated by people in the know.

This will stand for me, but I'm not a fan of a system where educated opportunists can make huge profits by outplaying the rest of us in a game where we don't even know the rules. Of course there should be gains from education and information, but at the same time there's got to be a limit.

It's a good song, though.

It didn't even hurt

Tonight I was killed in my own dream. A shot in the head from three feet away. Bam.

A friend killed me (a friend in the dream, that is - never met him IRL. don't start speculating) so that I wouldn't get caught and imprisoned for a number of murders that I never commited - every one present knew that I wouldn't stand living in jail.

He was looking me in the eyes, but he didn't even let me say goodbye to everybody before he pulled the trigger...

I wonder if there's subconcious message in this.

Late night depression nr. 453+3 (-ish)

This was disturbing.

I just saw a new photo on Momo put up on facebook, and a guy who'd written to her, and I got this horrible feeling that I'd been stabbed to the chest by a knife.

Is it regret I'm feeling for being forced to end it prematurely? Have I still not moved on? God help me; what is this feeling I'm feeling, and why?

When's the third coming out...?

Just watched the second season of The Guild. It was pretty entertaining :)

Made me wanna' start doing stunts and brakedance though - I wonder if that's healthy...

The change, and the difference. And a review.

A couple of weeks back I watched the whole Firefly series in just a couple of days. It was pretty good, really. You could figure that me finishing a whole series in itself is some kind of mark on quality, but I'm afraid that's not so anymore. I'm still not a fan of film as a media, but I've started to accept it more and more and thus does not shy away from it anymore. Increased amount of exposure --> less credibility while using minimalistic praising.

Anyhow. I liked it.

Yesterday after work I sat down and watched the movie; Serenity.

I liked that one too.

Some of my friends have told me that they really like the series but that the movie is sort of rushing it, that it tries to tie up a bit to many loose ends to be really coherent.

I don't agree. I think that it focused on the one thing that really made the universe of Serenity stand out; The rule of the Alliance and the pressence of the Reapers. In turn, how the reapers were created is in my opinion a work of genius. To have watched Firefly first is somewhat critical to enjoying Serenity though, as there are virtually no extensive explanation done throughout the whole movie.

but it's a movie for the fans - what's to expect? It's a bit like 'non-fans, this is nerd-class material, enjoyment is not guaranteed'.


Last week I had a great talk with Elias on why older roleplaying games like Final Fantasy VI, VII and VIII are considered more epic and better than their more recent counterparts like FFX or XII.

I think that when moving from the first generation gamesystems (all the really ancient stuff up to Playstation one) onto the second generation (Playstation 2, X-Box and Gamecube) the games went from being interactive visual books into being interactive movies instead.

Ponder that paragraph for a moment.




With the old gamesystems it was not possible to either include voice acting or to show emotion on the characters faces. Heck, even body language had to be stereotypilized into the extreme. It was up to the player to interpret what was going on on the screen, to create an own exact image in his head; How was this scene meant to play out? It was only in the FMVs that the gamedesigners had a chance to portray the real faces of their characters, but even those pictures left much for imagination.

Enter playstation 2 and everything changed. Due to the general players demand for top-notch graphics and physics engines and the hardwares possibility to deliver the gamemarket as a whole step by little step became more and more movielike. And with this was the imaginary interactiveness erased from videogaming.

I'll say it again: Videogames today are interactive movies while they used to be interactive visual books.

There's a huge difference here, the same huge difference why I prefer a good book to a good movie every day: Books give you the outlines for scenarios, but even when explained in excruciating detail it still leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation.

Movies, on the other hand, present you with what is, period. You see every face the actors make, you hear every change in pronounciation, you see everything that there is to see in the environment. Nothing is left for imagination.

And there you have it. I believe that this is why older roleplaying games are considered greater than more recent ones. It's like comparing books to movies - one's more intellectual and the other's less so. And roleplayers are definitely among the more intellecual of the videogamers.

Nån som känner sig moodig?

Moods are an interesting concept forced upon humanity.

If moods were something new, something that was to be implemented upon us, future tense. Then probably it would have been marketed with a slogan like 'Deal with it' or 'It affects YOU'.

But when you're in a good mood there ain't much to deal with, is it? Or maybe it is. Deal with it in a way so that you enjoy every moment to the fullest. Our time on earth is limited, so claim every opportunity to be happy - you never know when it's to late.

And bad or sad moods. Well, those are to be dealt with, obviously (it's probably those moods the people in marketing were aiming at when they made up the slogans, after all).

How do you do it? Well, I'd wager that's rather personal. Me, music is my medium, as with so many other things. Playing the right tracks at the right time can both enhance or nullify a mood. Now that's musical power.

More, give me mooore...

I just came home from Sinfonia Drammatica, a concert where the Stocholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Arnie Roth performed various songs by Chris Hülsbeck (composer of R-Type, Turrican II, X-Out and others) and Yoko Shimomura (composer of Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Mana, and others).

I'll describe the experience as this: It was amazing.

Sure, FF on Tour last week was amazing also, but in a totally different way! Upon walking out of the concert hall today I confidently proclaimed that these two concerts weren't even comparable, and I stand by that claim.

Out of everything awesome, this piece was the awesomest:

I dare you to try to picture the immenseness of the feeling that the orchestra conveyed while performing this piece of art. It's a handfull.

So just like that I've in one week attended two classical concerts circling entirely around videogame music , and it's honestly one of the best things I've done since I came back from Tokyo.

I'm sooo looking forward to the next time, whenever that'll be...

EDIT 090805 21:00:

Here's a photo from yesterday featuring the conductor and the composers.

Hats of to these people. Yesterday was priceless. I'll remember it for the rest of my life.

EDIT 090806 18:30:

Just found this article on Shimomura on SvDs homepage. A good read.

Streamable goodies

A couple of days ago I was just browsing the web as usual when I ran into a note on this movie. I saw it first time last year (or was it the year before that?), and it's really good.

It's by Joss Whedon, the same guy that's written Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For more info on it just visit the wiki page.

Upon watching the sing-a-long blog (the first time, that is) I got really interested in watching more featuring Felicia Day. It didn't take long time before I found the guild. It's ten episodes, so it's not big at all. All you MMORPG fans out there, you've just gotta' see this:

And that's sort of it for this time around. Now I'm off to work. Laters!

Late night depression nr. 453 (-ish)

In the end, every one of us dies alone. I guess it's the same about going to bed when you're living by yourself.

I've worked all day, and spent some time by myself after work in wait for Elias to drop by, but those hours never felt lonely.

Now it does, though. Half an hour since he left and all i want to do is to sit back and scream, and scream, and scream. Silently scream my lungs out.

I hate feeling alone.


Earlier this week I made a bad judge of character. Again. She said it straight to my face though. No preambles.

It came out quite raw and harsh, but in retrospect I guess it was effective. Incredibly effective, in fact. But my God what a awkward moment she created. Well done there Jo, well done.


I'm starting to get seriously annoyed with the fact that my workplace is such a bad spot for meeting girls. I love my work, especially considering the fact that all the alternatives I've got are so much inferior, but the fact about girls still bugs me.

Nothing to go on about forever though, I guess.

Guess I'm off to bed. Night everybody.

Americanization the Korean way

Brown Eyed Girls have changed their style a bit since they were up and about the last time. This time they are aiming to be a bit more 'mature' visually and through that gain access to the American market.

How they're faring? See for yourself:

I think it's ridicolous that you need to use a trademark such as sex to enter their market, but I figure it's sort of a hint at what America stands for (and what it wants) in the eyes of the rest of the world.

But I'll admit; these girls are hot. I just wish them wouldn't sell themselves out in this way. I know it's their own choice and they're doing it in free will and yadda, yadda, yadda. But it doesn't change the fact that they're selling their body and sexuality for money. And, as ever, I'm not a fan of that.

What do you think, the rest of you?

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