This has been a great gaming week for me. Back on monday I went to FF on Tour. The performance was simply amazing; one of the best live performances I've ever been to in my whole life.

Nobuo Uematsu is in my opinion todays equivalent of Bach, Mozart, Chopin and all the other great masters of classical music. His musical range is considerable, and the emotional impact it has on people is just incredible.

David, Helena, Anders, Erik and Maria in turn did an outstanding job performing the various songs. I really can't say more about it than I did in the opening paragraph: It's one of my best musical experiences ever.

Fast-forward two days and we arive at yesterday, the specific date for the first installation of Ghostcon, a Starcraft gaming convent that in retrospect earned additional sub titles Ghostcon chapter one; The 'micro-this' wars.

This is not the first time I'm hosting something like this, but it's the first time I'm hosting a gaming convention (I've hosted Magic tournaments in the past), and I decided to start small: One day, one game.

Starcraft 2 is looming in the horizon (and no, I don't know the release date for it), and since a couple of weeks back I've starting to feel really psyched up about it. Starcraft is not so fun playing against bots though, so a come-together of likelyminded gamers seemed appropriate.

At most we were as many as eleven gamers camping in my living room, busy doing zergling rush's, tank contains and carrier beatdowns. We had a really good time.

Towards the end though (at about five in the morning, I'd wager) people started to get pretty tired (we'd played for more or less 15 hours by then) and the amount of players playing Zerg started to increase. All these players in turned never much cared for tech - no, pure mass was all the more comfortable for the tired minds.

I can by no means recount the amount of zerglings being spawned and sent to death in the ensuing battles. The numbers were just staggering - and this is how this first installation of Ghostcon came to be known as The 'micro-this' wars.

I wonder what will be defining for the second chapter...

It's contagious!

Happyness is contagious.

Try smiling, and you'll see.

Tack för en trevlig kväll Virginia.

When was it? 2004? 2005?

I'm standing on my balcony and the rain is literally pouring down from the sky.

It's beautiful.

I'm playing Tears are Falling by Entwine to further enhance the setting: "And then it's raining, looks like it's raining..."

- - -

Man, Jessie really hated this record back in the days.

Totally mashed up

This is just brilliant:

Originally I like neither of the songs, but I'm into the rickrolling phenomena and it's only the song of Nirvana that I never was a fan of.

I wonder what more good mashups there are out there...

A cheer

"To absent friends, lost loves, old Gods, and the season of mists;
and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due."

Neil Gaiman is the best author I know. Sandman, in turn, is the best comic I've read. And I believe too that it's the best I've read by Neil.

Being a huge series there are many memorable moments, but not that many that are quotable. The one above is, though, and it's a real killer.

What's more appropriate a toast if your bound for Hell, anyway?

On the note of yesterdays soccerparticipation

My body is aching severely today >.<

One of those 'I wish I had...' moments.

I saw a really cute girl on the train on my way home from a game of football (um, the soccer kind of football) today.

I wanted to walk up to her and say something like;
"Um, yeah, hi. I know I'm not like, y'know, respectable now or something - I've just played a game of football with my friends...
But I just wanted to say that you look really neat, and it would be really cool if you'd like to grab a coffee some day or something..."

And then I'd hand here my number.

But she got of the train before I'd gathered enough courage to walk up to her :(


Last night I got my hands on all the unit responses from both Warcraft II and Starcraft.

This is nostalgia and nerdyness all baked into one. I wonder which one I'll use for my sms signal...

On girls, and exes, and not much else, really.

This business with ex girlfriends is, so to speak, both potentially interesting and intriguing.

How are ex boy- and girlfriends to be treated? If you ask a million people then you'll probably get a million different answers to the question.

My opinion? I'm glad you asked! It's of course case specific, but on a general level I'm curious on how their journey through life is progressing, and hence I'm in to seeing them once in a while.

Today I had a coffee with Helena. It was a long time since we saw each other last time (I figure18 months or something), and even longer since we were together. Last time I saw her I don't think either of us enjoyed the others company to any great degree (and I don't think we did the time before that either). Today was different though: Even though we didn't hang out for that long it was like something was there for the first time since we broke up with each other. I had a great time.

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not into the business of dating my ex. There's a reason why it didn't work out the first time - and anything mended has still been broken once. I'm having a hard time picturing myself dating an ex.

No, what I'm getting at is that I have such an easier time relaxing around someone like Helena. We are obviously not updated on each other, so it's not presumable that she knows of my present faults, but knew (or know) my previous ones and has decided to accept me anyway. There's no need of proving anything, at least not to such a great extent...

Now, I wish I could relax in the same way while being on a date or when introducing myself to someone at a party. But no.


Earlier tonight I got the idea that it's the situation, the setting, that is the problem: You don't know what people will think of you when you introduce yourself. It's either thumbs up or thumbs down, and it's the possibility of losing that screwes everything up for my part.

Think, just think what would happen if I meet the girl of my dreams and at just that one occation I managed to screw up real bad, resulting in her turning me down when we originally were basically made for each other...

But, if we were made for each other then she'd supposedly look through my minor fail and instead be flattered by it...

Maybe I should heed my old sergeants advice: Think less and act more. Only by acting will we get where we're headed - that is; only by seeing a lot of girls and consecutively failing will I come closer to the one time when I'll meet the girl of my dreams...

Didn't I come to this very same point last summer? I think I did. So, how have I done in the last year? Obviously not good enough as I'm pondering it, haha. It went quite good in Tokyo, but so far this spring and summer it's been to much school and work, I suppose.


I had a great time today. And that was really nice.

"Maybe they'll finally give you some peace..."

I feel offended. No, we have been offended.

We, the Swedish fans of Michael Jackson.

His rememberance service was broadcasted live this evening on Swedish TV4. It was a good service touching upon many aspects of the life and being of Michael Jackson. Some speakers and performers were really good (and some less so).

Somthing that was not good though was the commentators; Ronny Svensson and Fredrik Strage did a horrible, horrible, horrible job. Instead of showing the icon the respect he so rightfully deserves they spent their time passing judgement on everyone performing and holding speaches, passing stupid comments like "that's not a fitting interpretation of the song" (My comment: The hell it was! It was a really neat interpretation!) They didn't really seem to realize that people were putting their souls into their performances tonight, that people were trying to honor and say goodbye to a good friend or rolemodel, that people were doing the best they could with their intentions on top.

No, the commentators were just horrible. I hope that they won't be hired to do this kind of job again.

To me the most touching moments of the ceremony were when Usher removed his glasses at the end of his song, and Marlon Jacksons final speach. Those touched me. Those were really good. Al Sharpton also did a good comment on Michaels legacy; if it wasn't for him then maybe Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and even Barack Obama wouldn't be where they are today.

I'm not saying it's true, but I Al's got a point. Michael Jackson was not only a great performer, but so much more. He deserves respect, respect that definitely was not given him by those commentators - and I despise them for that.

Weekend reflection

How come that when you go to work at the beginning of a workweek you have like this much inspiration *shows with my arms* on what you'd do if you had just one more workfree day...

...but when you finish the workweek you're all out of plans and inspiration, you just sit down in front of your computer and asks yourself 'what am I going to do to pass the time until my next workweek starts?'

It's fucking hilarious. What's wrong with us people?

I made it!

YES! I made it! I passed all four tests I partook in last month!

Three years of university studies and I'm yet to fail a test. I feel so fucking proud of myself right now.

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