A tribute to the King of Pop

And so it's come to me to honor Michael Jackson, one of the greatest musicians of our time.

When I was a kid I was incredibly impressed by Michael, especially his way of dancing. For many years he was my number one favorite artist.

I even went to a concert he held in Gothenburg together with my parents and my brother - but this is way back, ancient history, some time during the late 90's. I was like nine or ten years old and it was the first really big concert I ever went to.

It was an amazing experience.

In later years I've lost some interest in Michael both as a person and his music, but I will always recognize him as one of the greatest musicians and performers of our time.

I won't even go into the discussion about child abuse and wotnot. To me that's not important - whatever he did or did not do won't change what he's done for music, for history. It's as plain as that.

So rest in peace Michael. And thank you for the music.

Are you my Peace, Love and Ice Cream?

A couple of months ago, back in late march I think, I got a call from a friend of mine which in short can be retold like:

"I've bought an apartment!!!1!one!!"

Well, at least that was the essence of it. It all was all so cute, really, because she was so happy about it - you could actually hear her mentally bouncing up and down on the spot.

Fastforward the unnamed amount of months until we reach present day: Today I helped her move her bed and some other stuff for her old room in the student corridor to the new apartment, and it was such a joy to see her scuttling about; trying to do or help out with everything while at the same time trying to do nothing to be able to just soak up the moment.

Walking to the subway later I felt a bit sad - being around someone radiating such a great amount of pure happiness sort of affects you, a stepping down from the light of their presence affects you even more.

Before I went to help out moving the bed my Ipod scrobbled up Peace, Love and Ice Cream, and I found myself replaying it every time it ended - by now I've listened to it an uncountable number of times and I'm still listening to it while I'm writing this.

"la-la-da la-da, la-la-da la-da..."

I love the feeling that line of humming mediates. It puts my soul to ease.

And more about feeling: Yesterday I watched 5 centimeters per second. Put frankly it's the best film I've ever seen. The chosen cherry blossoms being the best part of it. I won't go into telling what it's about. Those of you who know yourself to appreciate the same things that I do should look it up. It's by Shinkai.

The rest of you can just ignore it, as you do with the rest of everything I try to recommend you.

Three good things. Three really good things.

I'm at the moment living my life feeling that my soul is at peace, feeling calm and in tune with my surroundings. But at the same time there's a bitter taste in my mouth that just won't go away no matter what I do. It became sort of evident to me back on friday and saturday how much I crave for someone to embrace emotionally, someone to pour my soul and my being into.

There's noone there though, and that in turn is probably the reason why I accept to work so much right now, nonconsidering the incredible weather. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Whoever you are, たすけて ください。


Score! I just made my first japenese pun!

ようなし は ようなし だ。
younashi ha younashi da.

Younashi means both 'pear from the west' and 'no needs' (which in many cases is the same as 'useless').


Western pears are useless... Younashi ha younashi da!



Pushing it even farther: Västerländska päron är värdelösa - men är förslagsvis japanska föräldrar så mycket bättre?

And yeah, I think I've par'ed Gångjärn this time ^^

Ibland är det så enkelt att vara lycklig

This is how I feel today:

It was the first song that turned up on my Ipod when I started it five minutes ago.

I love my life.

"Never get to know yourself; you'll only get dissapointed."

When I was younger, around the later parts of my teens, and got into a bad mood I locked myself into my room and played Norther with the volume cranked up really high.

But years went by, and for a short while I stopped listening to rock, every kind of it - and by this Norther was out the window, maybe to find its way back some day, maybe not.

A vacancy formed in the space where Nother had been - what was I to listen to when I got angry? I encountered Katatonia, which was better at handling depressions than fits of anger - but it had to do for the time being.

Lately (say, like the last years) I've been working my way back towards rock and metal, and a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine adviced me to check up on Dark Tranquility. I did, and my reaction was something like 'yeah, this is good, but I can't seem to decide when would be a good time to listen to it...'

But today it hit me: DT should be perfect whenever my mood turns black. I tried it out, and voíla; it fit as a glove.

So now I have DT for the times when I'm angry, Katatonia when I'm depressed, and everything else when I'm not - order has been restored; another piece of structure has been put into place in the puzzle.

Breaking down and rebuilding yourself obviously is the shit - to bad it's such a time-costly investment... Third year in the making and I'm still not there - guess I'm grinding my way there, one step at a time. Closer than ever before though, as always.

A midsummer nights dream

This years midsummer nights eve I've spent at Elias place, socializing left and right.

I wonder why you just have to get nervous when you talk to cute girls... When you're with your friends it all works just fine, but as soon as you start flirting frogs start jumping out or your mouth left and right.

I've learned a new word today: nimiety - the state of being to much, to be excessive. Dictionary.com, am I to interpret this as a sign...? Could that be it? And if it is, how do I change it?

Watchin' dis', watchin' dat'

I just finished watching The Quantum of Solace together with my brother.

I was surprised; it was really good, way better than I'd anticipated.

You go bro!

My brother took his driving license earlier today. And, unlike me, he managed to do it on the first try.

I'm so glad for his sake. And I feel so proud.

Grattis brorsan! Sjukt bra jobbat!

GA pt.2

Normal business was never resumed...

After having dinner with my parents and my brother on wednesday night he accompanied me home and we had a Gears of War 2 playthrough.

I agree with everyone else opiniondrop'ing on this game before me: In every aspect the sequel is superior to the first installment (which was superb on its own), all but the love story of Dom and Maria which is just really, really bad.

Overall; kickass game.

And yeah, the morning after I played some more Mega Man 3. Still no luck on Hornet Man, but both Tornado Man and Galaxy Man has been taken care of.

Right. Now this urge ought to have been dealt with for this time around... I think.


Hi, my name is Marcus, and I'm a gamer.

It becomes rather evident when you wake up wednesday morning and review what you've been doin' for the last three days, the first three days of your summer vacation. I have, in cronological order:

Tried to build a legacylegal reanimator deck for MTG. Took me eleven hours to come up with a list that was both relatively cheap (probably not more than 200-300kr, if you put some effort into it) and cool flavourwise (I had plans on painting the seven endless on my reanimator targets). It all fell apart during testing though. We'll see when I pick it up for remodelling.

Calle's back in town (welcome home!) after spending almost four months in Berlin, and we grabbed a pizza on monday. Stuffed, we decided to kick each others butt in Smash Bros Brawl for a couple of hours (like three or four). Fingers numb I figured it would be a good thing to go home and get some sleep - it was roughly half an hour to midnight, after all. Calle had other plans though:

He brought forth the awardwinning boardgame Agricola. When the dust settled four hours of farming later the standings was me winning the first game (much thanks to being able to do takebacks, being the novice I was), losing the second (got such a horrible start when Calle got a really good one - I knew from round 5 I'd never be able to catch up with him), and playing it even in the third (honestly! 39 points each! what are the chances? (and now don't give me that shit about statisticians being able  to calculate that...)). It annoys me that the game is as expensive as it is (698kr at SF bokhandeln), because I'd really like to get a copy one day or other.

Yesterday, tuesday, I got my X-Box 360 jacked up. I did it because I wanted to download Mega Man 9 (800 credits is like 100kr, which is pretty cheap for a game like that, if you're into the genre), but ended up downloading tons of demos and trial versions of games both old and new. Most of the lot were boring (mostly due to me not liking the genre enough), but I found some really interesting stuff worth looking into the future:

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is very stylistic (it only goes in black, grey, white and blood) and very (very) gory. It's an advanced 2D fighter where you chop' your way through governmental agency personnal (think FBI) with a pair of meat cleavers. Given you're into the genre; how can that not be fun?

The UFC phrase 'here comes to pain' leaps to mind

I also found a roleplaying game starring Gabriel and Tycho from Penny Arcade. Very intruiging if it wasn't for the fact that I'm having a down at roleplaying right now. Can't have it all, as they say.

In the midst of all demo-downloading I found some interesting trailers too:

Speaks for itself

I'm very glad that they are giving close combat weapons a go, as that was one of the few drawbacks of the last game, imo. I'm really looking forward to this!

But something I'm looking even more forward to is this:

Why, why, why is 2010 so far away?

Cause', lets face it, there's not a game in a long time that I've enjoyed as much as I enjoyed Mass Effect. This is going to be so good.

But, back to Mega Man 9: Imo it's amazing. The graphics are precisely as I want them, the music kicks butt, and the difficulity level is really challenging - but not too much (to put it like this: you are awarded for putting in time and effort, but it's one itty, gritty step at a time). So far I've handled Concrete Man and reached both Tornado Man and Hornet Man, but none of the latter has been willing to yield to my power (yet...). There's still hours of gameplay left.


Told you I'm a n3rd! But I'm beginning to feel that I've had enought this time around - normal business will be resumed shortly, starting with giving the apartment a real cleaning -_-

It's not important -what- you vote, but -that- you vote!

Today Sweden vote for the European parliament. Now, I don't care what you vote, as long as you vote.

I am of the strict opinion that people who don't vote have no right to express their opinion on the rule - people who don't contribute should neither demand, it's as simple as that.

Now, I do understand that many believe politics to be both conplex and boring, and I'm willing to agree to a certain extent. But don't express this ill will towards politics by not voting! Instead vote blank, that's the parliamentary way of saying that you don't care - and it's a fully respectable opinion!

I think it's really important that we take this chance to affect, so to quote a friend of mine: Get your asses out there. It's your responsibility as citizens of this democracy. I mean it.

Consumption shift

The Sims 3 was released two days ago, on my birthday. Today I worked for the first time since the release and I sold a lot of Sims 3's. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

No, what was ordinary was what people it was that bought the game. Traditionally the Sims has always been more popular among girls than among boys (here I could probably add some random comment on how reasonable that is for this and this and that and that reason, but then I'd probably be labeled a sexist, considering the times we're living in now), but today I sold more games to boys of various ages than to girls.

It really was a considerable difference. Previous Sims games has, in my empirical opinion, been purchased by girls eight or nine times out of ten. At times even more frequently. Today it was fifty-fifty, or maybe a slight bend towards the male consumers - that's a big difference, especially from the viewpoint of a statistician.

Now, it might be worth mentioning that I've only witnessed a small segment during a very limited period of time - consistent conclusions are obviously not to be made. But it's still and interesting observation! I'm very curious to see how this develops in the coming weeks...

And so it's done

This is more or less a followup to the post from last week.

Yesterday I wrote my test in econometrics and today one in empirical methods. Studying for the one in econometrics turned out to be more time- and (especially) energyconsuming than I'd accounted for while studying for the one in empirical methods turned out the be no bother at all - much the opposite, really.

It's starting to get painfully evident of how much import the quality of teachers and classmates matter - it's very fun to study for a test when the studying consists of intellectual discussion concerning certain covered concepts and under what conditions various assumption may or may not hold. I'm already looking forward to next spring when they start up Empirical Methods 3, and I wish to God that all my classmates from this session will join me then.

Looking back on this term I've taken seven courses, adding up to a total of 67,5 credits. I've handed in three small papers (or hand-ins equivalent of small papers) and written eight exams. Studying double time was pretty nice; it suited my personality and lifestyle pretty good. Two-and-a-half was pushing it though - I'll remember that for later terms. Noteworthy also is that I'd never been able to pull this off if it hadn't been for all my classmates helping me out when my schedule got a bit crowded. A big thanks everybody.

Disclaimer: I can't, of course, say for sure that this terms done yet as I haven't got the result on any of the tests, but it feels like I've passed them all. And based on that assumption I deem above paragraph to be of relevance :)

It's sort of interesting to realise that I've started incorporating statistical theory into my ordinary life; motivating opinions, motives and actions in such a way to minimize verbal dissection for not covering unfavourable probablility outcomes... humm...


Now I'm walking, banner held high, into summer holidays filled of work (three days a' week), japenese studies (with a japanese roomie the alternative is not acceptable) and other nice activities that correlates with sun.

May it be the time of our lives.

Sushi, I'm in love

I've just had the best sushi I've eaten in quite a while - and it was non other than my roommate who was the source of it!

Homongous and endlessly tasty sushi - can life be any better an ordonary tuesday evening?


more proof

even more proof

Apart from having this Godsent meal this day's been nothing but trying to wrap my head around ARIMA and exponential smoothing and panel data and everything else that my teacher in econometrics might entertain us with in two days course - talk about having looking forward to dinner, and with good reason obviously.

And as of that there probably won't be any more updates before my birthday's passed.

Så det här är mitt sista inlägg som 21-åring... Den ni...

Sunny weekend, 5pts

This should be a proper update with pics' and all. But; due to two more tests hovering in the horizon (thurs- and friday this week), this'll all be very short:

Saturday I spent traveling across town to borrow some books at the library, and then finished the first half of Foundation and Empire - I'm leaving the second half until I've finished The Graveyard Book, one of those I borrowed from the library.

In the evening I went to East Festival together with my brother and had a pleasant surprise when the first band up (after I got there) turned out to be really good. It's a band called Enemynside from Italy. I bought the record and got their autographs, and was a bit dissapointed when I got home to realize that they sounded better live than on the CD. But, well, all things considered the time and money was well invested anyway - hey! signed CD!

Yesterday I worked in the store, and after closing up I went to my parents place to celebrate mothers day. We had a really nice evening.

And as of that I'm here now, writing this update instead of studying for the test on thursday - smart, huh? -_-'

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