I'm entertained.

Turns out they've been doing this since back in 2007. Pity I didn't find it earlier.

Their channel

Keep it coming Kim and Julie!

Bioware love

I just cleared Dragon Age: Origins. Took me almost 50 hours, plus 25 minutes of staff roll (that's a long staff roll, to be sure).

Good game. Really good game. Incredible voice acting. Very interesting companions. Some minor out of order conversation glitches with NPCs being the biggest minus. Overall rating: All thumbs up, instant classic, yadda yadda.

Didn't really get me quite as excited as Mass Effect did two years back, but it was pretty close, and that's gotta' count for something.

Writing about not writing - you gotta' love it

Spring 18 months back I once wrote 'Not dead, just busy, catch up with you later', or something similar. It's the same right not. Or maybe not really. But something in that ballpark.

Right now I'm either entertaining myself with stuff I can't blog about for one reason or other, or stuff that's just too boring to blog about. So there's not much action around, really. Or maybe it is, but just not online.

We'll see if there'll be more action in december.

"No, no, no, that's not it! Proooomise!"

Back on friday I donated blood. Everything good with that, but yesterday at work it sort of hit me that I must have looked like some kind of addict, having a rather visible needlewound in my left arm...

Just hope noone got the wrong idea =/

This is as good as it gets people

More gaming news.

Last night I played through Modern Warfare 2 and my opinion on the game is pretty straightforward: It rocks.

Infinity Ward is really pushing the boundarys of what's doable within the gaming genre here, and I'm offering them pure love in response. I'm not sure I want to say more. Play it. you'll love it.

Bye bye 18th of November

I woke up like half an hours ago after 11 hours of sleep... Turns out I must have been a bit exhausted.

Damn, I hate sleeping until three in the afternoon - it's like your whole day gets maimed never to fully recover. Like 'Bye bye 18th of November 2009 nice. Sorry for missing out of like, uh, half of you?'

Oh, well. Enough whining now. I guess I needed that sleep.


Yesterday night I made a system recovery on my harddrive. It's pretty fun, cause' it feels like I have a totally new computer (almost, not considering the wear on the keyboard), while it's really the same old, same old.

But these are old news for all of you I'd wager. It's just that I've never performed a system recovery myself before. Good experience, to say the least :)

Did you say 90%...?

Um, so, in the last 72 hours I've been spent roughly 47,2% of the time playing Dragon Age. 34 hours.

In the last 48 hours I've played for 30 hours and slept for 14 hours. That's roughly 30% sleep (which is rather normal) and 62,5% gaming (which's not normal).

Frankly, I'm a sucker for Biowares games. First time I experience this hook since Mass Effect back in 2007, and boy how I've both missed in and despise it.

I mean, it's not that you can claim that you have much of a life when you spend roughly 90% of your waking time playing a game, right?

But on the other hand I'm enjoying myself immensely - it was a long time since I felt this good. I'm not totally sure that I'm happy, but at least I feel good wasting my life away in this manner.

And so it winds down to the ever present question of doing something meaningful with my life, or doing what I think is fun?

Oh, how I loath this neverending struggle with myself.

Den som väntar...


The sun is shining right into my face as I'm writing this.

Welcome back! I've missed you so! <3

Fuck it. Fuck it all to hell.

Allright. This is starting to get on my nerves now. I mean, seriously.

Three and a half weeks. Three and a half fucking weeks without a single day of sun, and there is no sun scheduled for the next coming five days either...

Fall 2009 is really starting to pile up shit to be a real contender for the award 'shittiest fall ever'. Good luck 2009 - keep it up and the prize will be yours in just a couple of weeks!

What's been hanging pt.4: The Hot Pot and what came after

And so it was Friday. Up and off to school to finally pick up the first part of the material that I'll use in my paper. Score!

Then out to Tyresö to play taxi for my parents and two of their friends. Dropping them of at Golden Hits I turned the wheel for Bergshamra and a hot hot party I'd been invited to by a japanese girl I ran into in the metro (or rather, walked up to).

Chinese and japanese and swedish people in a nice mix sharing a big japanese hot pot (in the sense that there was a lot of typically japanese ingredients) - need I say that we had a good time? (and a good meal!)

But as they say, fun times pass to fast, and it was not before long that I had to sit down in the car and go pick up my parents again.

Great Friday evening. Great, great Friday evening.

Then Saturday it was work-as-usual, but much less stressed this week as a lot of stuff had been done in the week. So, for the first time in quite a while I got to spend most of my time focusing on costumers rather than the store, which felt nice.

Sat night I tried both Uncharted (the first one) and Killzone 2. Two really good games, to be sure. Darn sad I haven't had the chance to try them out earlier...

Sunday Carl dropped by and we played some Starcraft him, Elias and me. I really love that old classic.

Sunday night I went for dinner at my parents place as it was All Dads Day. Long time since I sat down with my family so it felt incredibly good, to say the least.


And then it's today! Time flies, but sometimes it's goes even faster to cover it in text.


What's been hanging pt.3: The Void

And so it was Wednesday and I was feeling like a total shell, abide of everything even remotely close to be called energy. Two intense but totally lovely weeks behind me and now all I craved was something that rhymes with pest.

I don't really remember anything from Wednesday or Thursday last week. My planner is blank but for a class on Thursday morning. I suppose that I spent the rest of the time by myself doing nothing in particular, as I tend to do when I need to force myself to calm down.

But I don't know, really...

What's been hanging pt.2: The Visit

Back on Monday I went to Värtahamnen to pick up Aiko san who was sailing (well, not literally) in from Tallinn.

After introducing her to the swedish metro system and hooked her up with Chie chan I then went home for some rhetorics studies. Then, in the evening after the class I went to see Akio, Chie and Marcus at a café on Södermalm. We had a really good time, even though it was sadly brief.

Tuesday then it was my turn to play tourist guide (I can hear you laughing. Go ahead, I don't mind. Everybody knows I'm not up for doing that shit good.).

Anyhow. Off we went first to the City Hall, and then for a walk in Gamla Stan, and last out on Skeppsholmen where we visited the East Asian Museum (yes, I went to an asian museum with an asian - it was her idea!). Then Aiko san went to meet up with Chie chan so that they could go to the Nobel Museum while I went home to prepare dinner.


It was me, Aiko, David and Pim and we shared four big, homemade pizzas. Really, really good. But the good taste was exceeded by the nice atmosphere and good company. Ah, yeah, and Elias joined later in the evening as well.

Wednesday then was remotely the same as all 'I'm-packing-all-my-stuff-for-a-long-plane-ride' mornings tend to be: full of packing, organizing and checks (and rechecks) that you haven't missed anything, and some breakfast on the side. I'd wager that Aiko san testing porrige was the most original thing about this morning - and thankfully she liked it.

We went into town and said goodbye on the train station, she boarding the train and me heading back home. It was all very romantic. Just that it wasn't. Movie-like would probably be a better adjective in matters of describing the situation properly.

So, thanks for the stay Aiko. We had a really good time over here, me, and all my friends.
Looking forward to seing you next time opportunity presents itself!

What's been hanging pt.1: The Works

So, yeah, I've been pretty busy lately...

Last Friday I had a test in multivariate analysis. My only written exam in the whole term. No pressure.

It went well though. Almost too well. Like 'too close for comfort' too well. The test was scheduled for five hours. After fifteen minutes I'd written an outline, and in another sixty I was done with five out of six questions. I spent aprox half an hour with the last question (the only one that spanned two pages, none else making it past the first), and then fifteen looking everything through.

That's two hours. Not five.

Comparing this test with older ones it was obvious that they'd dropped the level of math and put more focus on verbal exposition of central (or less central but in other ways important) concepts and ideas, making it more of a hit-and-miss exam - either you're spot on with your explanation of the concept, or you're dead off. Full score or zero, with no excessive amount of corners to cut anywhere. Whether this change was good or bad I won't argue; I'd have passed either.

What makes me really mad though is the fact that the first three questions of the exam made up 60% of the total score, and by God they shouldn't be worth that much. Yes, you read it right: I'm of the opinion that they made the exam too easy.

So, how to redo and solve this, if they ever got a chance? Cut the points for the first three questions in half and add three more questions to the test! This way the difficultly-points awarded ratio would even out some and there would me more assignments to bite into, actually making us use those five hours we've been appointed.

So. There. Just wanted to let the lid of.

After the test I went to work to pick up a game and take a cool evening off - plans that got spoiled the same moment I walked into the store. Welcoming me was Chaos with capitalized first letter, so I had to bite it and jump in and help for the last three hours before closing time.

So, studied until late the night before, barely no sleep, a test, and some work in a somewhat stressed environment. I was pretty tired when I got home so I headed straight for bed and spent the night reading the last part of Asimovs Foundation Trilogy.

And then it was work, work, work the whole weekend. Long day on Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday.

Work, work, work...


My brother likes to describe himself with the phrase

"I do it my way."

He even made it up himself - he'd never even heard of Frank Sinatra!

But I think it's true. That phrase suits him.


Five minutes ago it hit me what phrase describes me the most

"I'm the kind of guy you will only miss when I'm gone."

Think about it. I believe it quite fitting.

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