Happy Halloween!

On he whole I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but some feats just can't go unmentioned.

This piece of art was conducted by Aurora RuPert.

Wish I had those skills! I want my own Death-on-a-pumpkin!

Anyone good at arts, help me here

Does anyone know what this style of drawing is called?

I really like the style, but I'm not that fond of the motive...

Good song, insane steps

It takes like half a minute before it starts, but after that it's pretty cool:

Back in my day I thought I was good at Dancing Stage, but I was never even close to this, haha ^^

I found this song earlier this week, and I love it (to say the least). It gets your mood up :)

Damn you blue bomber, making this into yet another gaming post

Judging of late this has turned into a game blog. I didn't see that one coming a month ago...

So, for some other news:

I'm having a test in multivariate analysis in two days, on friday. I'm looking forward to that. Very much.


Okey, maybe not. But it's not that I have much of a choice on whether to do it or not. Luckily it's only written exam this term, so I guess I should consider myself lucky after all, hah.

Also, I've redecorated the apartment, at last removing my CDs from the wall shelves and replacing them with real paintings.

I'm feeling so very mature now, using up my spare money to decorate my home, haha.

The left one I bought from a guy on eBay. A hand painted oil painting featuring the blue bomber.

The right one is a print of a painting by MissTigri. I like her way of drawing - five points to the one who can guess why.

Yeah, and Tonberry got to be in the picture as well, how very fun for him.

No wonder people suffer from fall depression

Seriously, it's been cloudy for more than one and a half week now. Sun, please!



Mainstream'd? One, and one not

Last week I posted upon spotting Borderlands posters taped to buss stations in central Stockholm.

Earlier tonight I tested the game, and it was pretty enjoyable. So enjoyable that I played it for roughly three hours straight without even looking at the clock - that's a pretty good grade for being me.

I played some single player as Lilith, the red haired Siren, a character able to 'phaseshift' (turning invisible and running really fast for a couple of seconds - incredibly neat ability!). The story wasn't that engaging, neither was the setting, really - but the whole experience was enjoyable. And that was single player - and Gearbox say they designed the game to be a multiplayer experience, so I presume that will be even more fun.

Looking forward to trying that out one day or another...

And then I've given Uncharted 2 a go, and my verdict is as simple as this: It's a complete gaming experience.

Now, that ain't something you can say about every game on the market, no, far from all games out there delivers like Drake et. al. does. The characters are good, and so is the stage design, and so is the voice acting, and so on and so on.

Thing is, there's nothing new about Uncharted 2, just everything done before and done good. The overall quality is so high that it really deserves its place in the spotlight. It's that fun.

And, did I tell you that the compulsory intro/tutorial stage of Uncharted 2 is one of the best I've ever seen?

Check it out. You won't regret it.

Edit 27/10:

Beat the game. Saved the cake. Got the t-shirt.

Uncharted 2, that is. Guess I'm gonna' bring the first one home this coming weekend and have a go at that one too.

Ever felt this?

Some fun on behalf of the highly educated:


You wanna' know the worst? It's true!

And one of those other things that starts to annoy you once you're starting to get a foot into academics:


Or maybe it's just me being annoyed at the press, as I've always been - only difference now being that I understand the full chain of events covered above.

Damn funny, in any case. phdcomics at your service.

Quantic Dream, you've got me

Um, somehow I've missed this up until today.

But from this day onwards, I'm keeping a close eye one Heavy Rain.

Ordinary posters, but not really

Last week I ran into this:



This would never have happened back in 2002 when I started working at Tradition, soon to be EB Games, soon to be GameStop.

There's really been a big shift from gaming being something dorky into something that more or less everyone does, and more or less everywhere.

Sure, it's been on the rise for quite a while, slowly (it's sort of impossible to miss if you've been working with it for seven years), but to me these posters seals the deal, marks the fact that gaming now has an accepted role in society that it'd never had before.

Question is, what's next to come out of this?

Jimmie Åkesson, quality idiot of the third degree (or more)

Fucking idiot.

But at least I'm not the only one who was upset by this publication. Thank you Aftonbladet for bringing Sverigedemokraternas real intentions to light.

Now, please kick those fuckers out of Sweden, cause' I feel ashamed for living in the same country as those imbeciles...

Edit: Jag ska be om att få revidera, efter en diskussion med Elias: Jag vill inte att dem flyttar från landet, jag tycker inte att det är rätt att dem ställs utanför vår demokrati. Jag tycker inte heller att vi ska döda dem - no need to put blood on our hands. Däremot anser jag att dem kan ta livet av sig hela bunten, och jag tvivlar på att jag skulle sakna en enda sate av dem. Rasistjävlar.

Edit2: And then there's this hugely entertaining post added to the debate. And please have this comment in mind while reading the article:

Sofokles says:
"Du ser inte hur Westgårdh har vänt på begreppen och tillika använder direkta felstavningar (BERÄDDA) som rent förlöjligande av Sverigedemokrater och deras väljare som mindre vetande, obildade på gränsen till illiterata?"

Brilliant? I don't know. Maybe. Entertaining? Incredibly.

A shot of sleep will indeed be nice

So, yeah, I'm finally done with the home exam. Didn't take that much time when you sat down and got to it, but my, did I have a hard time motivating myself into doing it?

I'll tell you just how hard a time:

In quest for inspiration I sat down and wrote (and coded) a 8 (!!!) pages long article for svenskamagic about my idea of the perfect concept deck; a Reanimator deck featuring Dream and the Endless.

The article took me five, almost six hours to write. But it payed off, obviously, as I finished my home exam in less than two and a half hours.

Hooray for me and a good nights work! Or maybe not. Night everybody.

ps. It felt incredibly odd to produce large chunks of text in Swedish again. It's the first time since I don't know when, and I had to struggle really hard with the phrasing from time to time, way more than I do on this blog.

Hope I never reexperience this...

A really sad thing happened at work today.

A kid walked into the store and traded in a huge amount of games and dvds for cash. He was sweating in his face. He had a hollow stare.

He was suffering from withrawal.

His ID said that he was born in 1987 - he is the same age as me, and hooked on drugs. It was so sad.

I keep asking myself if there was anything I could do, and I keep reaching the same conclusion: No.

Wish I could though...

Do, do, do, and not much did

There's a lot of things flying around right now with family dinners, work, school, my paper and friends I want to see - keepin' it busy, as they say.

Won't be able to elaborate about it though, as I'm heading for work in ten minutes. Just wanted to whine some, I guess, and to remind you all that I'm still alive.

Techno Viking

Someone made a .gif of this ^^

Looking for group, eh, work

Heh, this job-hunt story from the 80's was pretty entertaining.

Thank you Tim Schafer for sharing it ^^

This whole post is cursivated with irony, even though the facts are true

I'm starting to feel that maybe, just maybe, I should change my birthday from June to someday in October.

Why, you say?

When it's your birthday, you grow older. That's fact. But why is it that you never feel older when you actually grow older? Don't give me that shit on growing consecutively, taking it one small step at a time - that's so last century, and besides, very grown up.

No, you grow older when you grow older, and you feel that you've grown older once you've done it. And this recurring feeling seems to repeatedly sneak up on during October each year.

It happened to me last year in Tokyo, several things making me realize that I'd grown a lot during the course of the year.

Same thing in Västerås the year before. That was when I started writing this blog. That was when I started keeping all these economical diaries. That was when I decided to move back to Stokholm, admitting to myself that I really didn't feel so much at home in Västerås, after all.

Or the year before that? Passing my first exams at university. Actually starting working on my new living situation away from my family.

Three previous years, and it's happening now again: Earlier today I ordered a subscription to The Economist. I've started planning on my spring paper together with Carl just as I'm working hard on my fall paper together with Martin. The apartment is starting to look (and feel) rather organized for the first time since I moved here (this last one I'm going to have to eat up later though, I'd wager).

But still. It's that feeling you get when you sit down and conclude that 'yep, sure am a whole year older than I was last year, yep.' And I feel it now, in October, like every other year in October.

Could it be that my birthday is wrong?


Or could it just be the fact that according to the formation of the Swedish calender a lot of big stuff happens during late August and September, and it's first in October, right before your exams start, that you have time to reflect upon it and the rest of the past year as well? Maybe, I'm just saying maybe.

Every day a new lesson learned

Ever since I went to Tokyo I've been subscribing to Word of the Day by Dictionary.com. This is precisely what it sounds like: The send you a daily mail with a word explained in it. As I'm not a native this proves a really good chance for me to get in touch with new words I'd never run into otherwise, like quidnunc (one who is curious to know everything that passes) and malapropism (the act or habit of misusing words ridiculously).

But I think todays word really takes the price:

\tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\, noun:

Fear or a phobia concerning the number 13.

I found myself just staring at the screen in awe. I'd never thought that there really was a word for that! But obviously there is.

Standup comedian, and doin' it good

Last year I went to Big Ben and listened to some standup comedy. Among all the performers there was a  guy who really stood out of the crowd, at least to me. This I told afterwards of course, and I made sure to copy down his name on a napkin so that I could go home and blog about it.

Of course I lost the napkin.

But, as you all know, patience pays. This weekend I was reading a magazine and ran right into an interview with the guy. His name?

Johan Uddenberg

It's not much up on youtube, neither on comedytv.se, but if you give those few a try you'll by all probability understand why I love the guy and his performances. And while you're at it, why not give his personal page a visit as well?

I'll try my hardest to hit his next show. Will you?

Unga forskare

Me and Henric just tried to Soda Stream milk.

It didn't work :(

At least I'm having a pretty good view from my window

The weather is adoreable today.

How come that the weather's always this good on the days that I was planning on taking it cool, but instead have to spend indoors studying?

Doin' it Elias and Marcus style


. . .




The meaning of life

The chain of logic is irrefutable. I so want my company to be named TenTenTen.

Billy Talent had it right: Try Honesty

Man, do I love hypocrites.


Because they drag shit upon the rest of us.

Being straightforward and honest and standing by your values scares people nowadays. Man, just having values scares the crap out of a lot.

Or at least it scares young people away, people who view values as something that can get in the way for having fun. But if it's based on age, at what time do you start to put value in values?

It's in your hands. It's always in your hands.

Some days just ain't special. Then what do you do?

You make them special.

Today I've bought a new pair of jeans, two shirts and a scarf, all to complement the coat I bought back on friday. Didn't see that one coming? Me buying clothes. Uhu, me neither. But it's one of those steps towards maturity, I presume.

What more? I changed theme on my phone from a rather soft purple one into a square/block based bronze one. Yet again nothing big, but at least something to make this monday the 5th of october 2009 a bit out of the ordinary.

Elin told me a couple of weeks back that regularly changing small things in your everyday life will help you in the fight against alzheimers. Wether this was the reason for the theme change or the fact that I'd just grown bored of the last one we'll never know, I suppose.

Good virtual documents never grow dusty

I stumbled across a couple of pretty neat quotes while just browsing my harddrive.

"The miracle of America: Freedom to believe means freedom to believe the wrong thing, after all. Just as freedom of speech gives you the right to stay silent."

I don't remember where I read this, but it's genius, pure genius.

Mum once told me "knowledge cures fear", or, "fear you cure with knowledge". I can't get myself to remember the phrasing, but the content is the same. I think it has the merit of being both poetical and true, even though it sounds a tad better in swedish.

Two years pt2

Two days ago it was two years ago since I started this blog.

A lot has happened since then.

It's been a journey, all right, and it still is. I'm not goinna cover it in this post though (it's in the blog, after all). I'll more try to focus on the mental journey.

October 2007 I started writing an economical diary, same month as I started this blog. One could really say that that was the first stragglig step towards growing up. Not because I started a blog and an economical diary, but because I intently added structure to my everyday life.

It's really fun to look back and read my first couple of post, considering how much they suck. Honestly. But what do you gain from practice if not improvement? And I still remember one year ago when i decided to change from swedish to english, just as I was getting good at writing in swedish. It was the right choice though, as I'm much more enjoying blogging in english rather than swedish - it's such a rich language in comparison (and Corrie can't argument against this as she believes blogs to be inferior to her nature).

Two years. Time really flies.

I wonder if I'll still be here in 2011. Probably I will.

Two years pt1

Two days ago it was two years ago since I started this blog.

Yesterday a close friend of mine created a new blog on his own.

Starting to feel rather experienced about this whole phenomena I felt it appropriate to give him some advice on the road. And then this morning I thought something like 'heck, guess those advice would turn into a pretty neat, meaty post in itself'. So here I go:

1. Know why you're writing. Be it for monetary gain, personal renown or just the fact that you want to keep a diary. Whichever works as long as you're clear on your perspectives.

2. Keep it simple. This one is for you. Many people new to blogging feel a lot of preassure publishing their first couple of posts - that's just natural, but try to keep it down, if possible. Don't focus on what your audience wants, but what you want to give them. It's your blog, after all.
Also, remember that blogging is blogging and not mailing. It's more like newsfeed, really. Once the message of the post is delivered you're done - there's no need to have some kind of signature or phrase at the buttom of every post. Getting over this fact will ease a lot of preassure on your back. Seriously.

3. Make it inviting. This one is for your readers. Try to make the posts live. Work with polish as much as content (okey, not really, but almost). Work with phrasing (and spelling as well, please) - remember, you're an author (if but a novel one) so behave like one. Or try, at least. Phrasing is incredibly hard, but you won't improve if you don't practice.
Second: Photos makes posts so much more inviting. I won't go into why as I'm neither schooled in psychology nor art nor anything remotely close to those subjects. Just take my word in this one. (I'd love to tell you I've proven it empirically, personally, but that would be a stretch...)
Try to keep it short. This works in many ways. Big chunks of text scares people away (especially big chunks of text without any pictures). We're not talking twitter, but we're not talking novels either. All popular blogs online have one thing in common: They posts few posts often rather than few big ones. This, and the fact that it's more fun to follow a blog that is 'alive', just like it's more fun to sms or mail to someone you know will answer within reasonable time.

Wrap up on making blogging easier:
x Have a clear motive
x Keep it simple
x Keep it short, stylishly inviting and in good phrasing

Recap, and some philosophy

So this week's been pretty busy. Yep.

Back on monday I held an argumentative speach against apples, why not to eat them. Why? Because I believe it will help us swedes come out strong out of the international economic crisis.
My arguments? 1st: 98% of everybody who dies has been exposed to apples within a week of their death, while 67% of everybody who dies has eaten an apple within a week of their death (lets just say that I presume the std.dev. here is incredibly large, so even if these numbers were even remotely true they wouldn't be trustworthy). 2nd: People say that apples are both tasty and healthy - we said the same about ciggaretes half a centrury ago. 3rd: China, America, Iran, Turkey and Russia are the five leading exporters of apples worldwide. If Sweden wants to come out on top of this crisis we should not stimulate other countries economies, but our own.

Feel the irony. It's dreeping.

haha, apples


Back on wednesday I went to Uppsala to attend a seminar regarding confirmatory factor analysis of ordinal variables under misspecified models. Incredibly interesting. Also, it felt really cool to be the only undergraduate in the room, fighting for my life to understand everything that people were discussing. Can't say I managed perfectly, but at least I came a good way :D

Best thing about seminar though was that it got me really psyched to start working really hard on my subjects now, as I really want to be a part of that elite clique discussing complex statistics... Something to work on, I guess.

Wednesday night I spent with Calle and Anna. First we went out and had a hamburger and some drinks, but soon tired of it (I'm starting to think that I'm a lousy drinking fellow, for a whole bunch of reasons... More on that some other day, maybe.). Instead me and Calle went home (Anna stayed with a couple of friends of hers) and baked a cake to be delivered upon her arrival.

yumm, yumm

I cannot emphasise enough the immensity of this cake. It's tripple recipe! Yes, you heard it right; 8dl of sugar, 450grams of butter, and so on.


Yesterday I met Elias in town. We did some shopping (bought me a new coat, yay!) and then went for some dinner. As always when we're together we flirted like crazy with the waitress and had a really good time. Pizza Hut is really nice from time to time. After that we went to the premiere of Surrogates.

sexy, huh?

The setting of this movie was just superb. A society where we replace our fragile body with surrogates, machines that can take any amount of damage. And if a surrogate would die, for whatever reason, you just unplug it and plug into a new one. Simple as that.

But what happens when someone comes up with a weapon that kills not only the surrogate, but also the user behind?


The pulloff on the story was, in my opinion, very underwhelming (as in, 'wow, that was unexpected, not.'). The setting on the other hand... Well, I've told you allready. Also, the filmmakers managed to adress a load of potential issues and problems with surrogates (people don't wanting to face the fact that they're aging, people having surrogates of a sex not their own, the use of surrogates in war making it a big shoot-em-up, and so on, and so on).

Overall opinion? It's okey, but this movie would have been improved as a tv-series or graphic novel series - it would have given the setting so much more depth. Actually, it started out as a graphic novel that I now feel inclined to pick up some day.


As of yesterday I've come to realize that I'm having a really hard time watching real people getting hurt or killed on screen. I'm having serious mental issues watching movies including violence (yes, this includes James Bond and the like, as well). Animated movies and videogames I'm okey with, but I just can't stand watching real people die or getting hurt (even though I know it's just fiction...)

Question is: Is this a sign of weakness in my personality, or is it positive proof that I'm human and sensitive?

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