A song

So that I don't lose the url: Chaos by Mute Math.

Not drained by the night, for once

Tonight I had my first dreamless sleep in a while.

I've really missed that. Notwhitstanding no more than six hours sleep I feel fully revitalized.

I wonder what made this night so good?

What's darker than night? Loneliness?

So here I sit in my apartment all alone a sunday night and listen to Hold Me by Savage Garden.

I'm thinking about Uppsala. I'm thinking about Tokyo. I'm thinking about my mothers advice. I'm thinking about my speech. I'm thinking about my paper.

I'm feeling pathetic.

I wish Elias was here. He'd understand.


Okey, mentally I'm fucking climbing on the walls right now.

I tried to keep the mood up in my last post but I just can't take it anymore. I'm frickin' getting the fitz' by sitting around doing nothing but studying for a whole fucking day.

I need plans. I need appointments. I need fucking anything that lets me interact with the outside world, with other people.

Classes, lunchmeetings, work, everything in my everyday life involves other people. And I'm normally keeping myself busy enough to really get me longing for those minutes or hours every day when you can be by yourself, doing nothing but housework or whatnot.

But these days when you're home all alone from waking to closing, when you do nothing but work and listen to music for so many hours straight... It just makes me want to scream.

But I can't call anybody, cause' everybody are busy living their own lives just like I use to live my own every other normal day.
And I can't check up on my mail, or browse through the news on facebook, or catch up on all webcomics, or read up on the latest tech in Mtg. Why? Because I've done it thrice today already!
And there's really a limit to how many times you can update your blog in one day. At least to me.

I guess you could take a walk of course, but then you'd still be by yourself with noone to talk to, and neither would you get any work done. Which is why I haven't done it.

Oh, well, the hand-ins are practically done now, and so is my whining. Laters.

Damn, I needed that.

Weatherchanges, and I'm sitting here...

I've been home all day writing on two hand-ins. Fun fun.

When I started out it was somewhat early morning and the weather outside was tremendous. A perfect early fall day.


I'd have given a lot to take a walk then.


Then, a couple of hours later the sky turned grey, really grey. No problem with that, nope. But then this:



Fun thing is, I'm almost totally sure that this was hail, or at least would-be hail, and not rain. It sort of hurt when it hit your hand when you stretched it out of the window.


So why am I telling you all this? While it's nice that so much work get's done when you sit down and do it it's still a bit scary how fast time flies by. I swear to you that I haven't been doing much today, but still the day has passed like any other day - the only real thing to be said about it from my side being that I sort of missed out on it (apart from the change in weather, that is).


And ain't that a scary thing? How work can absorb you so that time just flies? First days, then weeks, months and even years. And in the end you haven't accomplished anything but work. Is it all worth it?


But it that ain't worth it, then what is?


Well, at least I'm having a good view while I'm working my life away. Ain't that something?

Pushing it

Once again: Sushi.


And now you're thinking: "Wow, yet another table set with sushi. That's so original. Nothing we haven't seen before. NOT."

Partially true, to be sure, but there's a reason I'm showing you this meal. You see, Andreas has never eaten sushi, motivating it by the fact that there's not enough meat in it to be considered food (he don't eat fish).

So I made him this:

From top left to bottom right:

1. Gouda cheese

2. Fried bullock fillet

3. Raw calf fillet

4. Raw bullock fillet

5. Hamburger (fried, ftr)

6. Pineapple

7. Salmon


Don't tell me I'm not original.


Now, I'd love to tell you the great and adventurous story on how me and Elias went to the Östermalm market-hall brainstorming like beasts, pushing the limits on what's to be deemed sane within the ways of sushi preparation. Just that it didn't happen that way, sadly. We had a great time at the markey-hall though. It's fun to see Elias in action.


Being faced with this rather odd assortment of sushi we decided on putting grades on each piece, scaling from 1 to 10. (I hope you're not surprised by this turn of events, considering my field of study...)


Oh, look! Grades!


Alas, raw bullock fillet turned out to be a all-team favorite while it's fried counterpart recieved a rather more cool reception. Hamburger turned out to be the laughing stock (surpise! not.), and pineapple was greatly enjoyed by both Elias and me but shunned by Andreas (motivation: "well, it's fruit, dammit!"). The salmon sushi really wasn't bad, but it wasn't that good either - probably due to poor preparation more than anything else.


So there you have it. Another sushi meal. Promise there won't be a new one in quite a while.




Unless I can outperform this meal in oddness, that is. がんばります!

Announcing Team Badonk

So it's official.

Team Badonk has entered the house.

Me and Hannes have been buzzing around rebuilding his beloved LandStill deck during the course of a couple of years by now, spending countless hours on the phone discussing individual cards and general concepts and approaches. I honestly can't tell you how much tweaking we've been through.

Early this spring Hannes posted his first money-finish, winning an extended tournament in Västerås with his meta-trashing 5-color-get-there (profane command helping him pull the longest straw in the zoo-mirrors).

A couple of months later (late spring) I made it to the semi in an eleven man legacy tournament with my Goyf-sligh, and two weeks ago I made my first real money-finish by making it to the finals in a rather bigger legacy tournament (with roughly the same deck).

So we've both proven (to ourselves and to others) that we can compete.

Yesterday Hannes invited me and two of our friends over for some play-testing. Björn is a level 1 judge and Jacke is raw tallent - all they need (just like me and Hannes) is playtime and experience. It was then and there that we decided to put some more effort and commitment into the sport, with everything that that implies.

Goal? Hitting the pro tour, of course (fat chance...), but mainly to add some structure and experience to the playtesting. Being part of a team implies responsibilitys, after all, both to yourself and to the other members of the team.

Local money-finish has to be the first goal, but one can always wish for more, right? It would be pretty cool to finally hit the pro tour one day, after all...

A little less conversation, a little more commitment, please

If anyone'd told me six years ago that politics progressively grow more interesting as you read into it I think I'd doubted him or her severely.

But as with many things told by older people to the young it's true. Or at least I think it's true; politics only get interesting once you start to understand what's really going on in a society, politically, economically and otherwise.

The swedish budget for the coming year was presented yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday?), and here's a good review/analysis of it (imo).

So, I'm starting to get more interested and involved in both swedish and japanese politics, especially economics. Who'd have thought that? Well, not me anyway...

Population growth, not in quantity but in age

Last year when I arrived in Tokyo there were two things that hit me as I was walking the streets of the gigantic town; many people were wearing suits, and there were many elderly people all around.

Here's proof of the latter.

So what does this imply? A lot of stuff. Or maybe nothing at all. One thought that intrigued me was that if the japanese population keeps growing older, then it will also diminish through time.

Then, if the growth-rate becomes negative one long run effect might be a diminishing work force size, which in turn would force Japan to open up to foreigners even more.

Sure, it's come a long way in just a couple of years - gaijins are no longer treated intentionally bad (at least not as much as before), but for all I know it's still very hard to move to Japan and settle down there if you're not native. The regislation speaks out clear, although a bit muffled: We don't want you here. At least not permanently.

I don't know what you think. Maybe I sound negative and gloomy. But prognosis's sort of become part of me through my studies, and it's both interesting and fun to sometimes guess about the future. And as you all know; it's always more fun to estimate within a field that you're interested in personally.

But anyway: 25% elderly people sounds a lot to me. What do you think? I wonder what the ratio is here in Sweden...

Free Sunday? Seems like that, yeah.

"It's not about making money, it's about taking money."
Conceptually you're right, Dr.Horrible.

Today it was church election, and of course I fulfilled my duty towards society and voted. Tbh I hadn't done much research, but fact remains that I got my ass out there.

It's interesting how not sexy these tables look - but that doesn't change the fact, does it?


Karl, a friend I met swing dancing in Tokyo is in town attending a balboa workshop. I figured this would be a great time to catch up some and talk to someone who obviously knows Tokyo (I'm such a genius, I know). We grabbed lunch; pizza. And I really must show you this humongous entity:


Allright, I know. It was an exaggeration, but it just felt so good to use the word humongous...

(though, granted, it's quite big allright...)

After these well spent hours I went to a proposal party hosted by Katt and Rikard (congratulations!!), a party neatly summarized something like this:
x Good company
x Great food
x Great atmosphere
Not hard to guess I had a really great time :)


Workfree sundays really are a new concept to me - I've been craving to work every Sunday possible ever since they entrusted me with the responsibility back in 2004. But I'm starting to get the hang of it, seing the charm in having a day totally free of either school or work.

And it's going to be the same throughout the whole fall semester. Nice.

Some more 72

Remember I spoke some about Rockman 72 a couple of weeks back?

DomoPJ at Deviant Art have made some really cool concept art for the robot master.

I want to draw like that! T_T

Dressing up

Classmate: "Where's the rose?"
Me: "Huh...?"
Classmate: "ye, the rose pin, it's the only thing missing to complete the 'socialistic-university-student'-look, with the cap n' all."

Thx? I don't know.

By now I've heard a lot, only since I returned from Tokyo:

"The nineties called, they want their clothes back."
"We are at a gay party. I'm gay. And yet everybody's staring at you..."

And now this.

What am doing wrong? How are you supposed to dress if you want to look like a pro-japanese orange-green socio-liberalistic statistics student who works extra in a videogame store?

Guess it was to good to pass as 'ordinary', eh?

I wish I'd have this on print

This is why some comics are to be considered pieces of art.

It's 8 pages, so it's not much of a bother. Go ahead, read it. I recommend it.

Life is fun when you're updated

This is just brilliant:

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about; combine Kanye's fail with the communal the outrage on Lotus Cobras power level. Hats of to Progenitus - this signature is a stroke of genius.

Another entertaining comment from the same thread:
"I won't even bother convincing somebody that this card deserves its mythic status. In my eyes this is mythic. This is so mythic that when Cthulu sees the lotus cobra, it whimpers in shame in the bottom of the sea. This is so mythic that Chuck Norris rides one of these to work every day." / Dragonmago

Page 16 in the thread and finally a sane remark on its power:
"I am skeptical of its power.
It does not net you free cards. It nets you limited amounts of free mana. While good, you need lots of extra cards for this to be good. Yes, you could Mind Spring for a bunch.
Not broken. Broken cards give you free cards. Bob? Free cards. Will? Free cards. Bargain? Free cards. Mind's Desire? You guessed it, free cards.
Sure, there are some broken cards that give you only free mana, but they rely on nothing but themselves for free mana. Your mana wasn't limited by the amount of lands you played. Think about Channel or Black Lotus. Single card. (...)
Here's my call: this is a powerful card, but it's not broken (...)"
/ Cescobar

Edit 18/9 10:00:
Some more fun on Kanyes behalf ^^

Political fail over time

For those interested in japanese politics: A full review on what's been going on for the last ten years, and (it seems to me) a good analysis of the present situation.

IMO this is all sooo much more interesting than swedish politics. I wonder why...


"Nonetheless, this is an historic opportunity to reinvent Japan. Among the DPJ's newly elected representatives, 143 are freshmen in Parliament, and many of them have experience working in civil society organizations. In addition, 40 DPJ Lower House members are women — a record number for any party. These newbies and women can help shape the DPJ's agenda in ways that connect with voters' needs and aspirations.


The Japanese seek a new social contract because structural reforms have generated risk, widened disparities and sown job insecurity, creating "winners" and "losers." This is not the Japan most Japanese want. Many of Japan's youth have been marginalized as contingent workers, and figuring out a way to give them a stake in the new Japan is crucial to maintaining social cohesion.

For the DPJ, its staying power will depend on lowering the misery index and paying more than lip service to voters' interests. In the coming months, as it expands social-welfare programs, reconsiders labor-market deregulation and grapples with Japan's daunting array of economic problems, impatient voters will get a sense about how the DPJ is balancing market forces and government regulation — and whether it deserves their continued support."

In front of the crowd

This fall I'm taking a course in practical rhetorics, i.e. to stand in front of an audience and perform various kinds of speeches.

Tonight I held my first speech, an informative one, and it went pretty well. Afterward some also told me that mine would be one of the speeches they'd remember after tonight, and hearing that felt really good :)

Next week I'm supposed do an argumentative one. Wonder what subject I'll argument on...

Making it good

I did it!

25 people turned up for the fight today --> 5 rounds of swiss and then a top 8 with a pretty nice price structure. After the swiss I was at 3-1-1. I'd won against BW Enlightened Tutor control, MonoR sligh and WUbg Toolboxstill, lost to UR Faeries and intentionally drawed in the last round.

Quarterfinal paired my RGw Goyfsligh against MonoU Merfolk. I've never played against Merfolk before so I had no idea what to expect, but in the end I managed to pull through with a 2-1 win (which started of 0-1...). It was tight though, really tight. Scale sat beside me the whole game and commented on it afterwards. Everything he pointed out was really good, so I were very grateful.

Semifinal once again paired me against a MonoU Merfolk deck, but this player seemed to be rather less experienced with the deck (he admitted it was his first time playing it today...). Once again it started out 0-1 and once again I managed to pull through. Suffice to say this matchup improved considerably after I'd sideboarded as many as 11 cards.

In the finals I was up against Elof, the Faeries player I'd lost to in the swiss, and we decided to split the winnings, me getting a couple of judge foils (a Bloodstained Mire and a Stifle) and him getting a Stifle and free entry to a convention later this year. We both felt content with that.

So, either my deck is awesome and there's almost no way or stopping it, or either I'm starting to get pretty good at this game again. This is my best finish in three years (when I won a prerelease back in Västerås) and probably my greatest achievement ever on the magic scene. I'm actually a bit proud of myself :)


Big thanks of course goes out to the organizers and judges for making this happen, and to Hannes, Björn and Jakob for being part of Team Badonk and making playtesting and decktweaking so much more fun on an ordinary friday night.

And by that, no more Magic for me in a while...

A small pickup

"You know what? I've missed this; building decks with you. Brainstorming around, putting it together one card at a time."

Thanks Hannes. I feel the same.

It's a considerable difference between playing a game and understanding the fundamentals of it. I never became the Magic star I achieved to be, but at least I learned a lot about games in general on the journey.

Now I never put all my effort into the playing game itself, but much more in understanding the fundamentals of it, the cornerstones. I liked the design of it. Interesting thing is this interest's payed of several times over throughout the years.

How, one could ask? Well, first of I see the strength of resource advantage, but also the importance of tempo. Die make me despair due to their randomness, while potent fixed board effects is just that: potent.

There's a Legacy Tournament on saturday. I hope it will all go as well as last time. Wish me luck!

Addicted to music? No news there...

A couple of days ago I posted on Reasoner.

I've read in on him some more now, and I must admit that the more I read, the greater respect he earns from me.

We're speaking of a guy who sends private messages to each of his registered fans o n NewGrounds manually, as there is no such thing as mass sendings. We're speaking of 750+ private messages every time he uploads a new song. And this is just one thing.

The way he writes about all his projects, how he manages contact with all his fans, it's just genuine. His music is really good (check it out, I recommend it), but I just know that I'll grow bored of it eventually (like I've done with all music I've ever come across...). But you know what? This guy's going to stay among favorite artist even when I don't listen to his music anymore - because I'm just as much a fan of him as I am of his music.

And yeah, another music update: I've listened to Inoue Joe's Closer some 60-odd times by now, if not even more. In three days of which I've worked some 20-odd hours and spent most of the rest of the time in school. To say the least I've had a real crush on the song, like nothing I've seen in a while. I'd say the crush's been even more extreme than the ones I've had on either SNSD's Genie and Hahaha, Dead By April's Losing You or All That Remains' Two Weeks the last year, and that says something...

Looking forward to a good nights sleep

Tis' a tired hand, writing these lines.

We had a inventory check yesterday. I was at work 8am and worked until 1pm when I had to go to uni to attend a computer exercise. Back at work at 4pm and worked until 1am the following morning.

Home, straight to bed, 4 hours sleep and then off to work again, arriving at store 8am. Worked until 11:30am and then went to school to attend a seminar.

Now, doing an inventory check ain't all that hard really, mentally. Physically it's pretty tiring though, as you work statically in not-that-ergonimic position for hours at hand.

I'm not complaining - I chose this all for myself. But I figured it'd be nice to save the experience for the future...

help help help

Someone please help me find the name for this song!

Edit: Hah! Found it! His name is Inoue Joe, and the song name is Closer! :)Blank

Edit2: Full PV

This piece is just amazing

I was just browsing around at random when I found Reasoners track Living Transparent on Newgrounds.

It's beautiful piano.

How does it make you feel? It makes me long for everything that will never be, for one reason or another...

3D in pieces

It's a bit scary how much work has been put into this...

Frickin' cool though

Way to go Tim!

I won't argue for this myself, but instead post a link to a great argumentative blogpost:

Tim @ CAD-online

Guess I am keeping myself busy as usual

Last monday school started again for this semester. Counting today it's been ten days since then, but honestly it feels like a month. I've been postponing this update for the simple reason that I haven't been up to writing it; there's just so much ground to cover.

This blogpost could be about all the courses I'm going to take the coming months: Writing a statistical paper, multicariate analysis, introduction to survey mechanichs, practical rhetoric. It could also be on all the courses I'll sneak into just for the sheer learning of it: Two levels of empirical methods and a full time course in the history of various religions. Total that adds up to 300% study pace, but luckily it's evened out in a good way over the term, and I won't be writing any hand-ins or taking any tests in half of the classes. So I guess it'll be manageable, all right.

This blogpost could also be about all the people I've seen in the last two weeks: Yumiko, Lisa, Tomoko, Martin, Marcus, Chie, Ewa, Elias, Katt, Calle, my brother, Martin, Corrie, Henric, Gustav, Fredrik, Rikard, Dan, Mattias, Christoffer, Olle, Tommy and Elias again. Thing is, I haven't been doing much more than talking to and eating with all those people namedropped above, catching up on everything that's happened of late, so instead of going into each and every case I'll leave it at this.

Mentionable could also be that I've started to read Demon: The Fallen and other World of Darkness related litterature, learned how to bake my own pizzas, helped a new flatmate move into the apartment, cooked sushi all by myself for the first time, ordered the Coraline and Dr.Horrible soundtracks on amazon.com together with the Dresden Files small novel Backup, treated myself and others to a meal of teriyaki burgers and pineapple burgers, bought and started reading Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, played through Castle Crashers on casual in one swoop, participated in a cube draft (where I luckily managed to get Ancestral on a stick), and ordered the Mega Man Anniversary Collection (on Game Cube) on eBay.com. Going into it more than mentioning it wouldn't prove much though, apart from the fact that I'm keeping myself busy.

No, I'll just sum it all up with a couple of pictures.

My own homemade set of sushi - yum!

Turn two Ancestral on a stick - totally okey play

Honestly I'm a bit proud of this little baby

The drowned lovers - poetical, is it not?


I guess I took the easy way out on this post. But now at least it's seen print. You everybody knows what's going on and at the same time it will be stored away for the future. I guess that will have to be enough for now.

Best of luck on the best of trips.

If I ever wrote a biography on Agnes I believe the part about today would look something like this:

..."and she turned around and started to walk into the gate, reluctant ambivalence covering her features. A weird mix of missing and longing; all the friends left behind, yet also all the things to see.

You gain nothing if you risk nothing, as they say, and anyway won't people be around still next summer upon her return on Herräng? Sure they will.

One more turn; a last wave of the hand to all the people there seing her off, and to all the friends not there in flesh but in spirit, and to Sweden as a country.

'Good-bye, bye-bye everybody, see you soon.'

She went through the gate, and the rest, as they say, is history."

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