Old vs Old old

Last year I went to see Harlem Hot Shots participate in a 'dance battle', battling it out against a street dance team called Streets 'R' Us.

That year, the trophy went to the Hot Shots, mostly (I believe) because they were more coherent and coordinated as a team.

This year, this day, the battle was on for the second time.

Olle had told med that Streets 'R' Us had been practicing a lot throughout the last year, and that Harlem Hot Shots would need to put on their real best keep pace.

The Hot Shots was first out of the gates, however, and man did they put the bar high! Their first stage was by far the most mindblowing in the whole evening, mainly because noone was expecting what was about to hit them.

How do you beat that?

Well, Streets 'R' Us did have something up their sleeve.

And that's only one of all.

In the end, Streets 'R' Us won. Above is the pic I took right when it was announced. Tell you this: the noise from the crowd was defeaning, and it was all well deserved.

I'm looking forward to next year...

Duo Senso, and all that went before

Anyone know the real name of the paradox where you either have no money and to much time, or a lot of money with no time to spend it on?

Conceptually it's been happening to me since friday. Just sayin'.

So, what's I've been up to? The Last Bounce on friday, work on saturday, moving in/house party in the evening.

Long sleep on saturday, lunch with Elias, went to the gym just to be informed that it was closed on sundays, got home and had a shower before Sandra dropped by and we baked buns in my honor (as it was my nameday).

Monday started off at Kairos, which was followed up by a lovely walk in the sun and a nice lunch. Attended class and then helped a student of mine with an excersize in preparation the test next day. Then I was off to the gym, which was open. (thank God it's monday?) Then I was off to dance class, and then home because I was tiiired.

Tuesday started out with me heading right over town to sit down with Carl at his place to write on our thesis. It went really well. Then I headed into town and dropped by work - just a routine hi-and-hello drop by but it all ended with me working for three hours. Then I headed home. Tired.

So, sunday, monday and tuesday was just a compilation of an insane amount of stuff. Small rivers add up, as they say.

Today started off at Kairos as well, and was also followed by a lunch out - this time teaming up with Simon. Then I dropped by work to say hello to all my area managers which I knew would be there today. Then I headed home to my parents place and met up with my brother and my father.

The three of us took the car to Nykvarn where we went to a concert with Duo Senso performing old Ted Gärdestad songs.

I had no expectations, and it turned out to be really good.

It's not advanced in any way: It's one guitar, one fluit, and two people singing. But it's still good. It's calming. Relaxing. Precisely the kind of thing I'd need after the last couple of days.

It was a gift from me and my brother to our father, for his birthday earlier this year, and it was a total success. You could see that he was content with the performance; he was practically jumping up and down in the chair out of joy. That's how good it was.

And that's about how tired I am writing this. So now I'm off to bed. Laters.


Thanks for the honors!

Feels a tad bad to lose it on grammer, though...

Push me, pull me

Totally addicted to this song


Not sure the rest of the album holds up to their debut, but it sure is nice to hear from them again.


And yeah, I probably should have posted this a year ago...

Thank you for everything

Went to The Last Bounce together with my brother tonight.

It was awesome.

Pics and more info coming soon (read: probably someday during sunday).

Being a half-n-half teacher, I ought to know, eh?

Out of Universitetsnytt nr 1 2010

Q: Vad innebär det för praktiska skillnader för lärare och studenter att man använder sig av digitala hjälpmedel?

Ragnhild Mogren: "Som lärare kan du nog aldrig räkna med att hålla jämn takt med ungdomarna - men du måste kunna förstå betydelsen och veta hur de kan använda den. Rollerna ändras också. Jag märker att studenterna är mer formella när vi ses, men har en mer avslappnad relation till mig som lärare i de digitala miljöerna."

Now ain't that interesting? I sure believe that no matter how much the older generation works with it, they will never be as comfortable with digital media as us youngsters are. We were born with it, we can't even imagine a world without computers even if we tried (generalisation is the shit sometimes...). Compare it to someone being fluid in a languate and another one being a native speaker. There's a difference. Period.

But that's not really what's interesting about the quote.

No, she also claims that students who mainly interact with their teachers online tend to be more formal when they actually meet the teacher in person.

Hey, are we here seing a revival of respect towards teachers? That just can't be bad. Sure, I won't elaborate, but will content by pointing out that a mutual-respect relationship between teachers and students is nothing but mutually beneficial for both parts.

Think about it: Being a nice student always pays off...


This group actually is on facebook. Look.

While browsing their picture I found the one below. That hippo sure is skeptical...

Something that I'm a bit skeptical about is the fact that last week I signed up for the staff gym at school, and now I'm sitting here blogging instead of going to the gym... Procrastination, yaaaay...

So, now I'm off. Fingers crossed that some exercise won't kill me!

Over and done with. Now let's make this into a habit. The first time is, after all, always the hardest.

Missing by the hour? Make it a month.

"Happy birthday!"

"It's not my birthday..."


And that's how todays' late lunch with Virginia started. Not the best of starts, considering that it was me who missed her birthday by a whole month (luckily, for me, I missed 'in the wrong direction'. that is; her birthday is the 21st of May, not the 21st of April, so I will be able to redeem myself!). The ensuing lunch, however, turned out to be one of the better lunches I've had in quite a while. This, not only because of the company (Virginia is the hell of a girl, you'll have to take my word for it), but also because we ate at Vapiano in Gamla Stan.

It was delicious, and the chef serving us was such a nice and funny guy. Loyalty earned, and all that. Whenever I feel for pasta henceforth, I know exactly where to go. Also, did I say that the locale was so trendy, cool, hip, (add about 5 more adjectives that correlates with trendy) that it's just a pleasure to sit down and have a meal there. It's like the perfect environment for a meal of pasta, in short.

And yeah, the company was totally awesome. Did I say that?

'Dream big and practice hard, and nothing's impossible'

I just finished watching Sean Plotts (SC nic Day9) two hour biography "My life and relationship with StarCraft" on his livestream account. It's episode #100 if you ever want to look into it.

Over all pretty interesting (and fun, especially) to listen to. He sure is the hell of a guy with a lot of stories to tell. Sadly, though, I don't think you'll get that much out of it if you're not into StarCraft...

It sort of reminded me of when I was listenting to the same kind of thing online done by a magicplayer some time last year. All these professional nerd gamers have so many fun and interesting stories to tell that never quite reaches the public, due to language barriers (do you speak nerdish? there are many, many dialects...). Hell, I have a load of magic-related stories, and so does all my fellow gamers at Dragons Lair.

Anyway. I'll translate (or rather; extract) one good thing (among others) that mr Plott pointed out in his video. (Noteworthy is also that this is my interpretation of what he said, not what he said directly)

Whenever you lose in a game, it's because someone bested you, it's because someone outsmarted you or beat you in some way. You shouldn't blame yourself for this, necessarily.

When someone wins, someone loses, that's one of the properties of competition. Don't focus on who beat who, but why this someone beat the other. Try to be constructive, and through that you'll evolve.

He said a lot of other good stuff as well, but that one, and the fact that a supportive brother is superior to many things here in the world, were the two things that stuck with me the most.

Now, off to bed. Pretty much action on this blog lately...

And the bells, they are ringing...

Now, this takes me back a couple of years...

Guess I just wanted to say congratulations!

You're obviously meant for each other. I wish you both good fortune and that you live happily ever after :)

Take care

Dream, dream

I wrote this around three this afternoon, after taking a quick nap. Not publishing it until now for reasons unknown (read: I had to take a shower and grab something to eat, and then watch a couple of commented StarCraft 2 games on youtube. et voila - past six).


For the last year or so I have from to time dreamt that I'm a lieutenant (or something like that) in an Imperial Guard army.


These dreams circle around me, one of my superiors (a sergeant) and some other character (differs from time to time, normally a girl, normally not participating in the fighting) facing off with our nemesises; a master sergeant (from another army) and his brute.


It's always the same thing: We fight duels two on two. The other two are always better armed than we are, and they never have a non-fighting third party that needs to be saved. We always have to break up the duel for one reason or other, often wounding someone (or both) on the other side (they wound us, and we wound them), but never quite finishing anyone off.


All my memories from these dreams are a bit hazy – it's all in very great detail when I wake up from them (I normally even remember the names of other characters), but I forget almost everything in the coming minutes. You know how it is with dreams.


I took a quick nap this afternoon and, among other things, I dreamt this dream again. Only, this time we finished the whole business. Writing this, I now realize that I don't remember half as much of the events in the dream as I did when I rose out of bed and sat down to write this, but that's just the way of things...


This is what I remember. It ended differently. This time it ended with us killing both of our nemesises.


It was gruesome, but I can't stop thinking that maybe this was some kind of sublimal message from me to myself. The end of something that's been gnawing on my mind for a very long time (since last august maybe? june? maybe longer?). Or maybe not. Maybe it was just an ordinary dream ending a bit differently than the ones before.


I just wish now that the dreams will end, because I've never appreciated them much. Fingers crossed.


The commander here looks remotely like the, now dead, master sergeant

One best plus another best - possible reason for alarm?





Gotta' have to try those.

Economic theory proven wrong

"Basic economic theory states, among other things, that people will overconsume anything if it's only cheap enough. Curious, because I've never heard of anyone overconsuming statistics even though there are droves available for free."

Bo Sundgren
Freely translated from Swedish from a seminar in Statistical Databases and Registers, spring 2010

Marcus och Carl 2 - världen 0

Jag sitter nu mera i GS riksstyrelse.

Ballt. Ett första litet steg mot världsherravälde?


Säg till innan ni gör väpnad revolution så jag kan köpa popcorn :)

GS är mer nördiga akademiker än revolutionärer.

Men hur tar man över världen utan revolution? :(

You fail to säve the council?

Sant, så sant. Allt som behövs är alltså en reaperinvasion. Piece (peace?) of cake!

The cake is a lie.


mm, house

Found this picture on facebook a while back.

Downloaded it and sent it to my mother together with a line not so different from "This is how I want to live when I grew up."

Here answer was; "You know this is not so different from where you grew up?"


Rise of the Eld... Eld... What did you say again?

"You never stop playing for good. You only take shorter and longer pauses."

I said that a couple of years back, and it still holds.

I first started playing Magic back in sixth grade. I had a red deck with some burn spells, 20 mountains, a couple of goblins, and a Goblin King. The games would go like this: Play a couple of creatures, burn a couple of your guys, play Goblin King, and win. Or they would go like this: Play a couple of creatures, burn a couple of guys, don't play Goblin King, and lost the race. There was never anything in between, really.

It won more than it lost, however. Everyone feared my deck. (This is where I'd love to proclaim that it was the scourge of the school and everything, but I can't really do that.) I always figured it the deck number One deck. Up until when my friend Alex buildt a monoB one packing Terror, Dark Banishing and a Looming Shade. Noone knew how to beat that, it turned out. And et, tu, tres my deck was number two.

Not that I'm bitter. Just sayin'...


Today was the pre-release of Rise of the Eldrazi, the new set featured by Wizards. And I wasn't there. I was working, as I always am on saturdays.

I went do Dragons Lair after I finished work, however. (My opinion on Dragons Lair) Said hello to all the good people and hung around for a bit. First eying says that flyers and totem armors are the way to go if you want to be successful, at least in seal-deck. Drafting will probably be a bit more versatile (as always). Everybody happy (except the ones who dropped, obviously). All cheers (especially Bollen who rode home a draft with his wall-->fatso-deck).

Then I left the building, and left out a small sigh of relief. Good thing I didn't try to take this day of to play in the tournament - it seems like my quota of Magic has been filled and there's not much to gain there for me.

For now.

Or maybe for good?

It's still really fun to follow the rumour seasons and to discuss decks and cards with people, but the prospect of sitting down and trading some blows... it's just not as tempting as it was before, and it haven't been for quite a while now, honestly.

Being an eternal optimist I figure I stay in half-heartedly and pick up on all the good (and free) stuff: Discussing themes, cards and decks is challenging and fun, while buying cards is not. Also, won't have all those big piles of cards laying around either, and that will be a blessing, of sorts.

So, an era might have come to an end today. That's how it feels right now, at least.

And it feels good, actually.

Some of the artwork is incredibly cool though. Have to give them that!


Tried out Resonance of Fate yesterday evening. It's been lying around in my apartment for about three weeks now, waiting for me to get into the mood of giving it a swing.

I haven't.

So, yesterday I forced myself to sit down and try it. Got really bored pretty quick (what's to expect when you're not in the right mindset?).

I really loved the graphic design though, and the fighting system seems to be incredibly deep and challenging (like all the reviews' allready stated), but it's all written. The voice actors only do their work during the cutscenes, but I want it all the time, like Bioware!

Oh, well, definitely planning on giving this game a whirl some day. It seems cool. But that's not today. Today, I'm off to work.

Right? Right.

Enter ShyGuy

A couple of weeks back I ordered the Eldar Ranger from the Inquisitor range. My plan was that I'll sit down with Hannes some time and paint it while he paints some magic card or other. Or, maybe he'd be interested in getting one (or a couple) himself.

We've decided to have our first sit some time next weekend or in the early week thereafter.

I'm not sure, however, that he'll have time to order his own first model until then, so I dropped by GameStop and bought him a ShyGuy.

Cute, huh? Now I'm looking forward to see how he decides to paint it. Will keep you posted (in a while!).

The fan featuring fluffins

Dear diary

Today I got a blue LED fan.

Attached with the fan was a new computer as well.

Working will be much more easy from now on.

Also, yesterday I was treated to fluffins.

Yes, that's right: Fluffins.


Did you know?

I listen to Breathe by Angels and Airwaves.

And I listen to many other songs as well.

But mostly I listen to Breathe.

En bra start på veckan

Set the clock at 05:00. Got out of bed at 05:10. At 05:40 I started the experiment:

Quite edible. I'm proud. Seems like you can add cocoa and suger (to almost everything?) and it will turn out all right (brasklapp: as long as the proportions are right!).

Also skipped salt, because yesterday my dad said that he's going to stop using salt in his cooking.

The result

And now off to school. I have to classes this week, one on monday between 8 and 10. I say that's a bit mean.

But who am I to whine if I only have two classes...?

"Hey, you just walked past me!"

The weather is lovely today. I took a walk after dropping her off at the commuter. It was a good call.


Etid 23.45:


Went for another walk in town with Lan. Weather was lovely and you could really feel spring in the air. Good times, good times.

Yay me, fail me

Tried to make something fancy out of my beard five minutes ago. This pretty much sums it up:

Initiated rescue mission, but that didn't turn out so well either.

So now I'm beardless again. Hooray.

Joe, joe, z'up?

Finally got the last of the CDs I ordered a couple of weeks back.


In the down left corner is Inoue Joe's album Me! Me! Me!. I've listened to it a big lot of times in the last 36 hours cause' it literally blew my mind on the first playthrough. I'd expected a lot after listening in on his song Closer, but it still put up an impression.

I've been trying to put my finger on what it is that I like about his music, and in one moment of clarity it finally hit on me: His music sounds forced in a way that not many other artist have managed produce (maybe for lack of trying?). All his rifs promise that more is to come, like a storm that is constantly intensifying but never reaching climax - only climbing, climbing, until finally it all just ends. Just like that. It's over. The end.

And then you press play again.


Giving you a small taste of it. Paying aprox 250kr for a CD is steep. But sometimes, just sometimes, when you hit that grain of gold it makes it all worth it...

Perspective. Reminder.

Working at Kairos whole day. Met up with Olle afterwards and grabbed something quick to eat, and then headed for coffee. It's been ages ages since we did last time, and it felt really good to be back.

We see each other at school almost every day, but it's not the same. He was so right about that one.

One cool thing about him is that he makes me look at things differently. He gives me perspective. On the train on the way home i got inspired and I wrote this:

Humanity is beautiful. You only have to watch with the right glasses, and from the right angle.

Thanks for the reminder.

I almost regret that I didn't say hello to the fat man...



I'm writing a level C-thesis in economics this spring. My collegue has been spurring me for the last couple of weeks (practically hunting me with a hayfork) to putting together the data material that we are going to use for our analysis.

I haven't done it though. And, seriously, it's not because I've been lazy. I've only been biding my time.



You see, collecting a statistical data material is very easy, can be done in a couple of hours, and will by all probability not be accurately assembled, and thus useless.

Planning and variable research is crucial, and way to many young researchers seems to forget this.

Me, I learned this lesson a couple of months back while writing my last thesis in statistics.


Today, finally, I gathered the raw material for 255 coupled observations stretching (at best) for 38 years between 10 different countries.

This is not a feat. Not in any way. Anyone could have done it.

But it's still noteworthy, as I feel that I've finally learned my lesson. And I feel that I'm actually contributing. And that's a good feeling.

Love // Love

I've slept the whole day: Went to bed at midnight yesterday, got up and went for a walk with the dogs at 8am, went back to bed at 9am, got up and grabbed something to eat at 1pm, went back to bed at 2pm, and finally got up again at 6.30pm. Been working on my thesis since.

Some kind of chill I caught this weekend, I'm sure, and it annoys me as hell. Bye bye the 5th of April 2010. Sorry for missing out on you. Sorta'.

I'm at my parents place. Taking care of the dogs together with my brother. I'm sitting in my mothers office and both the dogs are sleeping soundly in the dogbed and the sofa, respectively. Will take them for another walk soon.

I'm listening to Angels and Airwaves latest album Love. If you go to their homepage you can download it for free. Nice music when you're studying. I'll buy it when I get the chance (together with their previous album I, Empire), but right now it's free listening för hela slanten.

Was up on facebook before I started writing this post. Looking in on a couple of old friends from before, and was abashed by the fact that their pictures didn't bring up the same amounts of feelings thay've done in the last year-or-so. In fact; I felt almost nothing at all. This felt really odd (and oddly sad), as I've felt very strongly for them. But now it was almost all gone.

Time really mends all wounds it seems, even the ones you're not really sure you want gone...

Och så var det ju tänkt att jag skulle lägga upp det här innan jag gick ut, inte efter, men men...

Quoteqväll feat hembakad pizza

"När storhjärnsbarken är inblandad så kan man förvänta sig precis va-fan som helst."


"Hon hade iaf inte alla handväskor i garderoben..."


"Var det inte han som var vegeterian? Nej, bög var det ja."


"Det här gäller generellt, ibland."


Would it be that those were our own quotes. They're still good, however.

Thanks for a lovely night guys.

Mass Effect you for 2 D10 damage and stun effect

So the Cerberus network does exist! I knew it!

This is proof that BioWare is not making everything up! They are just foretelling what will come in (roughly) 150 years.

Now if we could only start mining those moons around Pluto...

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