So how did you spend Christmas 2010?

Entirely unlike mine, I'd wager.

Back on wednesday 22nd I covered for a collegue of mine, teaching a class I haven't taught before. Can't say it went that good, but far from bad either. On the evening I play some Vampire at DL.

Thurs 23rd was slow. Not because I had a hard time waiting on the 24th, mind you (unlike when I was young), but because my head was stuffed and my joints were stiff. Add to that an aching head and shivers. I was planning on arriving at my parents place at noon, but ended up getting there around 7pm. fail.

The evening was nice though. Everybody recognized my condition (it was the same for both mom and dad) but it all moved along according to plan (having dinner, decorating the christmas tree, etc, etc), albeit slowly.

Slept long friday morning (first time in a while! I didn't work Christmas this year!!one!1!), had a slow breakfast and then went on to handing out the gifts: I got a bunch of Agricola meeples and three Vtes boosters (joy!).

After lunch Sandra and I packed the car and headed for her parents place in Jäderfors. Took some four hours to get there. All week they'd been warning about the weather on Christmas eve, but it turned out we got spared from the worst of it.

Once there it was dinner and then gift hand out once more (got some really nice washing baskets), and then it all collapsed...

...I've been tied to bed since, not doing much but shivering, coughing, sweating and sleeping. Damn influenza.

Watched LotR The Two Towers back on Saturday (that's not much for a whole days work! '-_-). Car'ed back home to Farsta on Sunday (not much action that day either...). Now I'm here, shivering. burr...

Oh well, Merry Christmas anyway!

Feeling edgy?

Found this pic on a blog.


It's an edge token used for Vtes, the new cardgame (read: drug) I picked up during mid summer earlier this year. Every game needs an edge token, a marker that indicates what player made the last successful aggressive move against another player. Safe to say, edge tokens tend to be whatever marker that's A) handy and B) flavourful - and I ought to say this must be one of the most flavourful I've seen in quite a while (if ever).


I want one! I'll be forever in debt with anyone who makes me one of these :)~

Some day I might even get paid for this

A couple of hours back I found two wide-eyed guys walking the corridors of my institution. Turned out they were looking for someone to teach them the basics of regression (or as they put it: "refresh") for use in their master thesis.

I didn't have more than ten minutes at their disposal, but told them that they were welcome to contact me some time during next week (once this weekends exam is over and done with, that is) and we could discuss their modelling some more.

Now, I'm curious to see if they'll pick up on the offer, and even more curious to see what they would be expecting to get out of such a meeting. Time will tell, I guess.

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