Och jag som tvivlade. Måste vart ett väldigt svagt ögonblick...

Mass Effect 2 is not as good as I anticipated.

It's better.

One down and nine to go


Just finished my first teaching class. Plain and basic, with all the standard problems; students missing out on obligatory assignments due to sickness, unregistered students that claim to be registered, students leaving their ID at home, and so on, and so on.

But it was fun, really fun! We'll see what next weeks class has in store for me...

I'm happy.  Maybe not as happy as this guy, but glad nonetheless :)

slash ignore

I remember two and a half years back. I was dating a girl who, in retrospect, taught me a lot of stuff - mostly due to being incredibly frank.

We were getting along really, really well, right up until when we didn't get along that good at all. At new years eve I was supposed to hang out with her and her friends, but when calling her to get some more information about the whole thing it got rather apparent that she didn't want me there at the party at all.

A couple of days later she had a boyfriend. First then I understood why she didn't want me at the party, haha.

You know when someone quits a relation with you on facebook? You never get a notice, and it's first when you try to search for the person and can't find her that you understand that something is amiss. She also declined the new friend request I sent her.

I wonder why.

Well, not like she's ever gonna' tell me. But I'm still curious.

Oh, yeah, she was the girl who got me started on this whole blog thing as well - anyone figured out who I'm talking about yet?

This is obviously not what happened

Nästan så att man är glad att man inte har flickvän. Nästan.

I started my second thesis today (this one in economics).

Also, I started a new job. I'm gonna be a seminar teacher in basic statistics.

Don't know how active I'm gonna' be in the coming weeks.

Hoping for the best, but fear the worst, eller nåt.

Deep breath

For the last ten days or so I've been busy. I haven't been home before 9pm a single evening, which's resultet in that my food stores has slowly depleted day by day.

Why is this, then? I finally got my long awaited Christmas holidays back on friday, but in the last five days I've worked four - which makes today my third free day since december first.

So, yeah, sorry if I've kept any of you hanging. Not my intention.

So, what have I been doing? Studying and working mostly, but also some catching up with some friends who got the hand in december.

Finally got music I ordered from Japan in december. A lot of J-Pop, but unfortunately not the song above - just found that one ten minutes ago and the video is pretty cute, haha.

Tranquil. Aspiring. Striving.

So, now I've done it too.

I've been to the cinema and watched Avatar.

Walking out of the cinema I wasn't that impressed, really. The Last Samurai was more engaging emotionally in that it made me feel more for the characters, while The New World conveyed the feeling of assimilation more convincingly.

But upon sitting down on the train my mind started working. And it worked, and worked, and worked. And after a while I realized that I'd changed opinion; I liked the movie and it's sublimal message, after all.

Why then, one could ask, did I change my mind? Well, unlike most people I didn't have that much of a problem with the plot, but rather the storytelling. I disagreed with practically every line spoken - I'd have scripted it all sooo differently, had they given me the chance. But now they didn't, so I guess I'll just have to live with the fact that the dialogue is the way it is.

Anyway. What I liked about the movie was the feeling it conveyed to me. A feeling of tranquil. A desire to aspire. A willingness to strive upwards, reaching ever higher.

Yesterday my brother uploaded some music to my new iPod (her name's Mari chan if anyone's wondering). This morning at half past five when I started it up the first song that came up on shuffle was My Last Serenade by Killswitch Engage. It's the first time ever that I heard the song.

It's funny, but listening to the chorus of that song just five minutes ago it hit me that that's precisely how I'm feeling right now, after watching Avatar.

So there you have it. What does Avatar make you feel?

It makes me feel like the chorus of My Last Serenade. Tranquil. Aspiring. Striving.

And yes, I can't stop smiling at the fact that they're calling it a Toruk...

Deliver us from evil

Happy new year everybody.

High tech! Sending greeting by video.


A couple of weeks back I had, to say the least, great plans on what to publish on this blog the days walking up to new years, and the days to follow.


Now, on the other hand, it turns out that I'm practically fighting for time to finish up my thesis and all other obligations that has, for one reason or another (mostly picked up voluntarily, stupid me), been passed on to me.


So, for those of you interested in a year review (and other stuff) will have to wait a short while. Sorry about that. Give me two weeks, maybe, that when I get my Christmas holidays.



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