This is just the beginning, or might be.

The poet, the writer, and the academic

I'd seen Staffan before this occasion, but from that day onwards, we were inseperable.

Well, not really. But we started hanging out more regularly.


One of his dreams is to publish a book, and so he's practicing his writing skills under the name The Poet.

I think that's a really good thing to do. Practice makes perfect, everyone knows that, and it's all so true even when it comes to writing. Now you're probably thinking: "What's he getting at? He just picked up this blog again, so this post just has to have some kind of purpose..."

And it does! Remember that I published some short stories about a year ago? I've been working on a couple more that I'll publish in just a while - just need to give them a quick quality check first. Until then, ciao!

The writer, evolved

A small recap (feel the irony)

Last real update was back in the middle of May, so I guess I'll have to start there. Some of these last few weeks have just been crazy...


I handed in my thesis in economics the 17th of May – the week before is just a blur of thesis writing and preparation for hand-in, together with a two day trip to Sandviken, a full day work at the store, and a seminar in long-term environmental planning in Stockholm held by a friend to the family. I'm glad Carl, by thesis collegue, is the rock he is – the hand in would never have been in on time if it wasn't for him.


Day before hand-in. Making some finishing touches. Nom nom.


We handed in the thesis sunday afternoon. Monday morning my mother called and told me that there were some minor editorial and design flaws at here firm that she needed taking care of, or, handled, rather.


Said and done. But it was a couple of hours work...


Sat 22nd me and Sandra went to a birthday party for my friend Dan. Talked with a couple of buddies about the ensuing Pro Tour San Juan (some were going there) and enjoyed an incredibly fun gift opening ceremony. I told myself I'd try his attitude next time I was to open gifts myself.


The week after the party I went to the dentist and attended an information meeting about SCB (in preparation for my upcoming internship in August). I also starting preparing for the oppositions that would take place the week after, and I went to The Final Hot Pot. Found some time to read in on the Amory Wars trivia as well.



Then came the weekend where I published this post. Anyone felt puzzled by the comment? I'll tell you why: Among all the Euro countries Germany is one of the few that is doing really good economically, and this is due to big structural reconstruction in the last two decades. Other countries never changed like this – and see what that's brought upon them. Now Germany is the country that drives the Eurozone, and for all I see they get very little cred for it – this victory was totally unrelated, I know, but I still think they deserve it.

My dad tries to immitate the contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest


On Sunday Raka moved out and Sandra moved in. Also, we went to IKEA and bought some furniture, and then went to her place to pick up some stuff, and then my dad dropped by to help me put all of the furniture together (Sandra more or less collapsed into bed, fever stricken).


Then came the week where we first defended our thesis (we passed, with a C. I feel content, Carl less so.) and then held our opposition (which went okey.). That week I also attended five other seminars (because you have to), which of most were okey, and then I went to a graduation party (a reception, really) for a friend to the family (mamma2's eldest daughter, she graduated from the gymnasium), and I spent some time at Sogfab, and spent a day as test warden. I sat warden on friday the 4th. That was my birthday.


Spent the evening at my parents place with the family. Lovely night in good company – what more can you expect from your birthday?


Then came the fifth of June and the cake buffet:


mm, cake


The rules: Everyone attending needs to bring a cake, instead of a gift. Each cake will then compete in four different categories:

  1. Most birthday-looking

  2. Most cute

  3. Most original

  4. Most Marcus

A lot of good cakes showed up, and everyone had a really good time. On top of this everyone got stuffed (11 cakes for 16 people? I'm not surprised.) Later in the evening of the fifth I went to a farewell part for Kanako, one of the girls in the Hot Pot crew.


Then came sunday 6th. The official national day of Sweden, but also the very day when my brother would graduate from the gymnasium. It started out early at 08:00 at my parents place where Oskar had invited his whole class for champagne-breakfast (direct translation). My parents served everyone present with hot dogs and good advice while I spent my time playing photographer.


All the graduates went to school and my parents started preparing for the reception later that afternoon. Me, I just hung around, until it was time for me to go to Farsta and pick up Sandra so that we could go to the graduation ceremony. My brother was very cute, and very happy:





It's tradition that after the ceremony each class gets on the back of a truck which drives around town really slowly while the students are living the wild life, making a great effort to inform the world that they've graduated. So did my brother. Then when he was done, there I was with the cab to pick him up and drive him home to the reception.


First thing Oskar did when we came home was to take a shower. I'm not even sure he said hello to all the guests before he did it (the guests were dropping in just then, so it wasn't that rude, really), but he made sure to do once he'd made himself presentable again. The ensuing evening was one of the best I've had in a very long time – there were just so many nice people and so many interesting discussions... I think back on it with a smile.


Monday morning the 7th me and Sandra were just wasted. So we slept long. After lunch I went to a meeting at Fake Free. First time for me being a consultant. After the meeting I spent some time in town, and then went home to have a long and relaxed evening with Sandra. Best of all, the dinner:



Tuesday I can't really remember what I did in the day. I think I spent time cleaning the apartment, or something. In the evening, however, we took the buss to Sandviken. Spent two full days there. Days full of relaxation, reading, walks, animal tending... yeah, stuff like that. Pictures say more than a thousand words:



Friday I took the buss back to Stockholm to prepare for a dinner with Corrie, Gustav and the others. Gustav and Corrie stayed over and we sat up until laaate. Evenings best:



Saturday I went to Distant Worlds II. You can read all about it in this post.


Since then it's mostly just been work (some time at the store, some at the office, some at the firm), and was topped by a two day SAS programming course at SAS Institute. The course was awesome and I was really impressed by the company. So much looking forward to the level two course this fall!


And yeah, I've painted some during the last week:



So, hi again. Sorry, in case you've missed me. See you around.

Heldag Distant Worlds II

Long time no see everybody - and yet this one will be nothing but a placeholder!

I have so much to tell you... Hopefully on tuesday.

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