Whine, whine, whiiiine.

Heading for class in 15 minutes, but would rather just go home and play some videogame, or go to my parents place to have dinner, or anything else, basically.

Whiiiine. Whine, whine, whine.

I guess some days just are like this. I've been in school since 9 and worked on the thesis and helped my students with their complementary works. All good stuff, but no action.

Whine, whine, whiiiine, whine whine.

So, now I'm off to class. It will no doubt impress me, considering my (incredibly) low expectations.



It's my dads birthday today. Spent yesterday night at my parents place and spent some time this morning congratulating him. This surprised him, however, as we'd previously stated that we'll celebrate him tomorrow night.

We will do that too, of course, but the courtesy of handing over gifts got moved from tomorrow to today. All in the name of surprise - my dad loves surprises.

So, gratz dad! See you for dinner tomorrow.

ps. sort of hit me now that I never mentioned my moms birthday back in January... Shame on me. Grattis i efterhand, mamma :)

Gaiman, Cool Gaiman

Caught an update by Neil Gaiman on facebook where he commented "A strange photograph of me I really like. And I do not like photographs of me:"

I can see why he likes it. This photo is cool.

Did you say Snäll? - ooooh, that's original. - Does it have to be?

There was this girl at the party yesterday that asked me to quote her. Not going to, however, as I can't seem to remember any quotes that would to her justice.

I had such a great time talking to her.

Jag orkar inte arbeta för nyanserat språk ikväll, sry

At nine o'clock this morning I took a test in Database-managing. It was supposed to take three hours, but I finished in 90 minutes. This usually is a bad sign, as it's nod towards the fact that you hadn't studied enough for the test. Me, I see it differently (or try to, at least): If you know a subject good enough then there's no need to sit full time - you'll be able to answer all the questions appropriately in just a fraction of the time appointed for the task.

Sure, it's a bit of both, not one or the other. I just hope that todays case was the result of latter and not the former - I guess we'll know in a weeks time.

Anyhow; I handed in the exam at half past ten, and then grabbed a quick lunch before heading for another exam hall to be a ward for some students taking another test. Their exam finished at two o'clock, and after fixing all the administrative work I took heading for Kairos to finish up the job I've been working with for the last couple of weeks. 90 minutes work and that was done as well.

1,5+3+1,5 hours of work and three jobs done I felt rathar content with my performance for the day and decided to reward myself by buying a book at the Science Fiction Bookstore.


I walked out of the store with two.

The first was the Dragon Age story The Stolen Throne. It will be interesting to see if the books story is as good as the games. From what has been hinted in the game it sure sounds promising. Guess I'll see in a month or so when I get down to reading it.

The second book, the one which the picture above is taken from, is called Vigilante and written by the swedish author Andreas Roman. I've read one of his other books; When Angels Die, and that books was really cool. Also, both his blogs are really entertaining - to bad he hasn't posted anything lately...

I started reading Vigilante on the train home, and it's the first time in a long while that I've felt really soaked up by a reading experience. It was good shit, really, really good shit. Why I'll tell you when I review the book, if I do.


So, yeah, wrap-up: I've been able to check several things of my list today, which feels really good. Come monday I have an important presentation, and after that some well deserved downtime. Yay.

Cake for everyone!

I have a test tomorrow, and so I want something sweet to chew on. I don't want to buy candy, as (on the whole) the suger/cost ratio is a tad low. No, I'd rather have something else. I've bought cookies for the last couple of tests I've taken, but those get a bit dry once you've munched a score - and they are also quite costly (at least if you want to tasty ones...). Today I got an idea I'll try for tomorrow:

Chocolate cake.

A couple of weeks back on a saturday morning I baked a chocolate cake and brought some pieces to work to everyones surprise and joy. This happened to be the very one day when one of my usual collegues had a day off, and so he missed out on the cake. He's been a bit sad about this, and has spawned a few conspirations-theories towards me in the last two weeks. As I'm not keen on him conspiring against me, so how ought I make it all up to him?

Chocolate cake.

You see where this is leading. Tonight upon arriving home from school I promtly got started in the kitchen and forty minutes later I'd baked myself two beautiful cakes. S'nice, huh?

Now the only thing I've got to hope for is that Raka won't grab a bite when he comes home later tonight, haha. Fingers crossed.

Done teaching, for now

Held my last seminar today. All the students seem pretty nervous about the test on friday, and the look on their faces didn't get any brighter when they realised that I wouldn't be around neither today nor tomorrow to answer their eventual questions.

I'd like to help them out. I'd love to help them out. It's just that I've got a test on my own, and somewhere you've just got to draw the line...

They all got to fill in and hand in evaluations on the course, and after lunch I had a quick glance at their opinions. The majority seemed to be pleased with me (よかった!), and out of the 27 respondents I scored an average of 4,39 - where 1 is the worst and 5 is the top score.

Looking forward to beating that score this coming fall - or at least giving a shot at it :)

Raising the bar

Two days ago I was at a café and had a coffee with a friend of mine. While we were there a girl came in, ordered tea and headed straight for a cornertable. She sat down, put her tea in front of her and went straight for her purse.

She spent the coming ten minutes or so applying makeup, and, doing some other makeup stuff (you can hear I'm no ace on these things), and then tying small green ribbons into her newly combed and braided hair.

Then she had her tea and got up and left.


Maybe this is common, but it's the first time I've seen a girl prepare herself for a date like this, in a café, while waiting for her tea to cool off. I don't know about you, but to me it just seems like the perfect way to do this, really.

The whole episode was just so cute. Guess I'll have to step up a notch in the future - no reason not to be on par with this, after all.

Typically bad way to prepare for class

I keep coming back to this song and I can't really decide what to think of it; either he's one of the greatest musical geniuses of our time, or he's just crazy.


Salem al-Fakir - Keep on Walking


Either way I like the song.


I'm sitting at home and I'm supposed to prepare myself for the class I'm teaching tomorrow. To bad I forgot the material I need in school.


Looking forward to getting out of bed at 05:00 tomorrow so that I can go to school extra early to make my preparations. Not.




I don't really know the real story for this videoclip, even less about the movie as a whole, yet it really means a lot to me. I found it three years back when I still lived in Västerås.


This is what I read out of the video:

Look at the girl singing. Look at Nana. She is  living her dream. Her appearence is that of one who'd never give up on her dream. Yet there's more to it: behind the attitude, clothes and make-up there's a small girl who want nothing else than to be loved, just like every single on of us.


Now, was there anything special about that description? No, not really, you've all heard it a gazillion times before - but maybe that's the thing? She is living her dream, and that's what makes me jealous. That's what makes us all jealous.


A month or two back I wrote about how Avatar made me feel. This song, this video, has a bit of the same effect on me. I want to accomplish things, not only do them. I want to be memorable. I want to be someone.


But then again, don't we all?

Hatten av till Fexeus

The show was cool. Imo a bit to much show and tad too little information, making infotainment and not infotainment as I would have preferred it.

But that's nothing to complain about, really. After all, the show was really good, and Fexeus is a good performer.

And yeah, Fexeus show is like Fight Club - The first rule is: You don't talk about it. So I'm going to honor that rule and cut this post short right here.


Det finns ingen slump


Hanging out at Staffan and having a competition in being 'stupid yet entertaining'. Managing quite well, but the competition is hard. Will go see Henrik Fexeus performance Sinnescirkus later tonight. Looking forward to that.

On a entirely different note:

Vårens kulturhändelse

I keep surprising myself: Tonight I watched the finals of the swedish selection to Eurovision Song Contest together with my family.

That wouldn't have happened a year ago. Or rather, it just didn't.

I honestly don't know who's more surprised; my mother of the fact that I watched it all together with them, or me of the fact that I actually enjoyed the whole spectacle. Dad just sat there with a smug smile on his face though, like he'd expected it all along...

I don't believe Anna Bergendahl will perform so good in the big finals in May. Her song is a personification of the Swedish dream, but not a song that will attract international attention, I think. Erik Saades Manboy or Salem al Fakirs Keep on Walking would stand a better chances. I have to consider Manboy my favorite of the bunch. The song's catchy, and on top of that the lead dancer in his dance-crew is just so damn hot.

It's not often that I make verbal stumbles just because I see a cute girl (my brother would never agree to this, but it's true!), but when I saw this vid at my parents place a couple of weeks back I actually did. It was embarassing as hell, and made even worse by my brother commenting on it. I saved what could be saved of my lost pride by being straight up about it - guess I could do the same here on the blog. So now you know. 

Back to the initial issue, and a the issuing question: What's the cause of this shift of preference of mine? Am I growing up, naturally evolving a standardised behaviour, or is it maybe some for of emotional regression of mine?

Lately I've found myself venturing into aspects of myself like I was before I startad high school; before all the emotional drama that led up to the relationship with Petra and the fallout that came after. Back to the way I was when I got to know Corrie, when I started working at GameStop, when I was really, really happy.

It's all small things so I won't give examples. At least not now. By typing this last paragraph I've emotionally challenged myself (I guess you're all familiar with the theory 'it's not true unless you can stand by it once you've written it down and read it aloud'), and I'll see if I can stand by the theory in a couple of days. Time will tell.

Past counting

Yesterday consert was simply awesome.

I just wish I'd attended it four years ago rather than yesterday.

See, even though this was the best concert I've ever gone to (I'm willing to dare that statement: it was just awesome), it still didn't get me all the way. Sure, Leto did a good job psyching up the audience, and I did find myself jumping up and down screaming my throat soar. It was just that it didn't feel the same as it did back in the days when I hanged with Petra...

Oh, well, enough whining. The concert was awesome. Everybody loved it, including me, but all the others more than me. No need to feel miscontent for that.

So there you have it. Go see them next time they come here. If they do.

Edit 100409:

These were the songs they performed on the concert:

--> Night of the Hunter
Vox Populi
From Yesterday
Beautiful Lie
This is War
--> 1000 Suns
2 phrases out of Bad Romance (Lady Gagas song)
Modern Myth
The Kill
Closer to the Edge
Search and Destroy
The Fantasy
Kings and Queens

It was awesome.

30 Seconds and counting

Test on friday and complementary hand-ins to correct this weekend so I might not get the chance to write about this if I don't do it today.

A couple of years ago, back in the days when i consumed alcohol, only listened to various kinds of metal and never much cared for school, I also went to a lot of rock concerts. Then, when I broke up with Petra and, with that, broke up with almost everything that I had previously described as "me" I quit going to concerts as well.

It was never an actual choice, it was just how it turned out. Whenever someone would ask me to go to a concert with them I would always decline, either stating that I wasn't really interested in the artist, or that I'd lost my taste for concerts on the whole.

Now, the latter one was probably true, and it's true still: Concerts feature the artist naked in front of its audience. That's a good thing. It's a cool thing. The amount of energy some artists put into their performances is just astounding. The amount of feeling the put into it is admirable.

But then there's that one, small thing that makes all pros shrink to nothing; the sound sucks. The vocals ain't clean, neither are all the instruments on beat. No, there's always something that makes the soundpicture far less impressive live than it is on the records. And yes, now's the time for all of you out there to argument that the performers enthusiasm weights up for it, or something. I don't agree, and I think we'll leave it at that.

Tomorrow though, I'm going to make an exception of this rule of mine. Tomorrow 30 Seconds to Mars will perform at Arenan, Fryshuset.

Anyone remember back in december when I covered their album? I guess that's when it all started. As they never really wanted to do their third album I believe that the chances for a fourth one are pretty slim - thus, the chance that they are performing in Sweden again anytime soon feels even slimmer (if they'll ever do it at all). Combine this with the fact that many of the songs are just made to have an audience play it's part, I really can't say no to this chance. Hell, I think this might be one of those major moments in my life that I would always regret if I didn't do it.

After all, it's all quite waterproof when you look at it from my side of the fence: Either this concerts rocks, and I'll be so glad that I went to see it. Or it sucks, and then my thesis about concerts being 'major happenings mostly consisting of bad vocals' will have been proven empirically - either way, I win. Right?

Sorry, just joking with you. Won't rub it where it hurts.

I expect the majority of the songs from the last album to be a major blowout tomorrow. Can't wait to sing along to something like this:

I'm not the only one waiting for this concert either. I have a bunch of friends coming over from Linköping to join in the party, and I found this while walking to a friend the other day:

Someone once told me that the love the fans are showing for 30 Seconds to Mars is something out of the ordinary - but might that not be because the band gives them so much love in return? What goes around, comes around, as they say.

Probably won't give you a big coverage of the concert, but will hopefully drop you a line or two passing on my opinions. Until then, keep rocking like there's no tomorrow. Eller nåt.

Ps: Found this while browsing. Someone obviously has style:


Tungt spel, på många sätt

Just finished Heavy Rain.

Glad it's over, and even more glad that I played it.

Probably one of the few games I've played that felt grown-up throughout. Every parent should play this.

Hoping to see you again Jayden.

Most people don't. Some do.

Thank you Neil Gaiman for bringing this to my attention.

I think possibly everybody goes around dreaming someday doing something like that. I admire the people who actually goes out and does it.


On one of the jobs

I got a wonderful compliment from the professor responsible for the course I'm teaching in today: He said that the rest of the team were pleased with my performance so far, and then gave me a slap on the shoulder, telling me to keep up the good work.

You know; it's such a small thing, but it means so much.

I still feel so nervous that I could die before each seminar. But maybe that's part of the charm? It's incredibly fun once you get up on stage every time. But those few minutes just before it starts... Or worse; when you're on the train on your way to school...

But I love it. I really love it. Taking this job is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm glad they appreciate me as much as I appreciate them.

Sounds a bit like the theme for Avatar, imo

Christ, this song was good:

It's the theme for White Knight Chronicles. I was reading a review on FZ.se and watched the trailer which turned out to have a really good song in the background. I went looking for more on youtube, and this was the first song I hit.

Now, off to school.

I hope they name the 2nd installment Blöt Snö and have it take place in a really slushy Stockholm

Anyone remember this update?

It's out now, and I'm into it, and it's totally amazing.

It's just a game. Or maybe it's not... No, this is so much more...

I was up until late saturday night. Like in very late. Like in I didn't go to sleep at all. I was so tired that I didn't really had the energy to go to bed - and so I didn't.

But I'll take it from the beginning: Monday and tuesday was normal. Wednesday I worked/studied/worked/studied (in that order) almost 17 hours total. Thursday it was almost 9 hours, and friday back to normal. Friday night the 'bachelor turned demolition crew' had dinner at my place. Saturday I worked at the game store and went for a birthday dinner directly afterwards. After that I went home, dead tired.

This was when I was supposed to have gone to bed. Instead I went to a friend to fix the Playstation 3 he'd borrowed to me. Home around four again. Worked until half past six (corrected hand ins) and then sat down with Heavy Rain until eleven some time when I went for a early lunch. Spend the coming hours cleaning the apartment and baking bread (need to have breakfast the coming week) and then went to have dinner with my family.

I never told my parents that I hadn't slept that night. You all know that my mom would have killed me. Hell, my little brother almost did - tis' nice to know that they care, aight'?

Slept 10 hours tonight and am not feeling as rested as I'd hoped (and expected) I would. Guess I shouldn't be surprised though (trying not to be). No, better take this as empirical evidence that for me it's a stupid thing to kill a nights sleep rather than to cut down on sleeping hours.

Good lesson. I'll try to learn from it.


And yeah, Heavy Rain is that good.

Stackars af Donner

This makes me sick.


So, here we have a guy who's totally misused the power at his disposal. I wonder if we're supposed to feel sorry for him? I don't. I do, however, feel sorry for Red Cross Sweden and Swedish Cancer Society - it's hard to imagine to what extent their reputation has been damaged by this...

Kom de på dig med fingrarna i syltburken? Stackars liten. Tänk efter före nästa gång.

Courtesy to Olle for bringing this to my attention.

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