Suddenly I feel so old

Gratz Germany for the win yesterday. You earned it.

And gratz Lena - the first kid of the next generation to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

This week I'm going to defend my thesis and oppose another one. That, plus a test of friday and my brother graduating on sunday. Catch you after that.

Leave Us Alone... *humming*

Picked up Coheed and Cambrias latest yesterday. Overall good album. Two songs stand out on the first listen-through.

This is one of them, the other one is Here We Are Juggernaut.

Anyone believe me when I claim this song is amazing to drive to? It's not often that I have a problem with keeping the speed limit, but yesterday night was one...

Another one bites the dust

Oh, how I love it when you find out that one of your (now ex-)friends has quit his or her friendship with you on facebook.

I found a new one today; my ex-girlfriend is no longer in my friends list. Pity, I was going to congratulate her on her birthday tomorrow - guess I shouldn't though, as she'd probably not appreciate it...


Or maybe I should?

Uptime and downtime

Handed in my thesis in economy together with Carl yesterday afternoon (it was due this morning). Have had up over my ears with that lately, and other stuff as well.

Something has changed in the last couple of weeks; I don't spend as much time on the net anymore. Less blogging, less blogreading, less facebook, less dead time in cyberspace.

I'm dancing. Studying. Working. Helping my parents and my brother. Spending time with Sandra. Practice my cooking. Playing videogames again.

Yes. Playing videogames. Putting some hours into a replay of Mass Effect 2 (as Jane Sheppard, a red-haired anti-cerberus renegade vanguard) and the newly downloaded Mega Man 10.

I decided from the start that I could try four stages, and once I cleared one I could try another. I've beaten Chilld Man (and his stage was great), and have reached the robot masters on Solar Man and Nitro Man. I've tried Pump Man and Strike Mans stages. I've played for, roughly, two hours.

I love the game.

Heck, so far I think it's even better than Mega Man 9, which I loved!

When I went to to check up on the Mega Man 10 soundtrack (because I'm sure hell getting it) I saw an advertisement for Super Juniors new album. Checked out the single on youtube and liked it.


I like how korean pop groups put so much effort in their dancing. It makes the whole thing so much more interesting! I'm gonna' see if I can put some of those steps into practice some time soon...


Also, one other thing that's been stealing my web-and-blog-time is my new phone. My oh-so-gorgeous baby Desire:




With it I'm updating my WYSIWYG album on facebook, so keep yourself updated there (if you're of the mind that this blog ain't updating often enough).

Det bästa av två världar

This is hilarious:


Talk about the best of two worlds ^^

När orden tar slut tar nävarna till

Jag tänker ta det här på svenska. Jag tror inte min engelska gör mig rättvis i det här inlägget.

Efter att ha den här och liknande nyheter på dagens nyhetssidor tänker jag slutligen ge mig in i debatten:

Jag tycker det är tråkigt, nästan pinsamt, att dem som protesterar mot Vilks föreläsning tar till våld för att uttrycka sin åsikt.

Vi lever i en demokrati, och en av våra grundlagar innebär att vi har yttrandefrihet.

Yttrandefrihet. Smaka på ordet. Friheten att yttra sig. Friheten att säga vad man vill. 

Man kan diskutera lämpligheten på saker som sägs och publiceras. Precis, diskutera!



Jag bara önskar att dessa aktivister kunde tänka ett steg längre - ännu en gång drar en liten grupp våldsamma och högljudda extremister skit över den stora, oskyldiga (men i slutändan precis lika drabbade) massan.


Vårt land behöver inte mer segregering - tvärt om! Det är sorgligt att Sverigedemokraterna ska vara den grupp som vinner mest på en sån här aktion...

Crab crab

There's so many things happening - and absolutely nothing to write about.

Oh, yeah, well, there's one thing: I've spent almost no time on the internet in the last two weeks.

I haven't blogged (you've noticed that), but neither have I kept myself updated on the blogfeed. No webcomics, and no fast answers to all the mails I've gotten. There's just been a lot of other stuff. Non-internet stuff.

Feels like it was quite a while since that happened last time, haha.

Hoodin' it out

When I was younger I was a rabid opponent to hip-hop music. Throughout secondary school I had everyday arguments with the hip-hoppers, constantly proclaiming that their taste of music was shit and that metal was the way to go.

Since then I've grown some, and of late it's actually gone to lengths where I'm starting to appreciate some R'n'B, hip-hop and rap. It's not much, but at least I have a couple of songs on my iPod by now.

Today I found this on, and it made me laugh:

Maybe you need to be an ex-magic player and an ex-hip-hop culture opponent to appreciate it, I don't know. But I laughed hard.

Get up, get up, get UP

Since monday I've taken a siesta two out of three days (once during class - it's sooo embarassing every single time!) and slept for at least 8 hours every night, sometimes as much as 9 or 10 hours.

This is not normal for me. I must have caught a chill.

Although; it can't be that bad, as I've been up and about as normal during sun hours.

Oh, well.

Yesterday I started a new course. It's called Experimental Design and is a B/C-level course that I don't really have to take. It just sounded interesting. The plan was to crash in on a couple of lectures, and then drop off if it turned out to be boring.

Now, that didn't happen. Turned out that it was only me and another student that had registered for the course, that I'm somewhat acquainted with the lecturer, and that the subject so far is incredibly interesting.

Three major reasons not to skip class, obviously. I even got free (albeit temporary) litterature from the teacher library, lucky me! That's four.

Thank God that me and Carl don't have so much left on the thesis...


Watched My Neighbor Totoro tonight.

It was really cute. Almost nothing but cute, honestly.

I've known about Totoro for quite a while now, long before I went to Tokyo. But I never quite got down to watching it.

Really, my first encounter with Totoro is quite the story: Christmas three years ago my brother gave me the movie as a gift. Then he opened it up and watched it himself, because I hadn't opened it, even less watched it. Then he borrowed it out ot a friend of his as, yet again, I hadn't watched it.

His friend then lost the dvd. This friend then gave my brother money to go buy the movie again for me. But then, when my brother was in the store he realized that there was another Miyasaki movie that he really wanted to see: Laputa; Castle in the Sky. So he bought that one in instead.

So, I never got the chance to watch my gift as my brother borrowed it out to someone who lost in and then it never got replaced. Oh, the irony.

Someone picture the smile on my brothers face when I gave him the movie this last christmas. Everybody in the family was laughing hard, I can tell you.

Another something to laugh at, including a Totoro:

Also, this one is hilarious:

Another one of those repeat-1-material songs

The latest drug:

Picked up the new album Fever today. Imo a great improvement from the last one, with this being the top track.

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