I whined some in the beginning of this month. Two days ago I got proof that the whine was (at least to me) justified: My paycheck was exceptionally big. If I'd been working at my old job, this paycheck would have accounted for roughly 214 standard hours of work in october.

I don't feel so bad for failing my math exam anymore. I still passed exams in two courses, and it was only those extra 50% that became too much.

Too much. I'll remember that. Too much.

I just might have to blame Sandra a bit for this one, too. ね?

Remember how I always whine about the fact that it's november - the (by far) worst month of the year?

This year it haven't been so bad. It started of with Gamex, and today it's the 25th and I got my salary for job done in october. Everything in between has been hard work catching up with what I missed in school (due to Gamex and the programming course at SAS), and Scott Pilgrim of course. I shouldn't forget about Scott Pilgrim (and those other things I've been appreciating lately).

Sometimes life's better than you'd expected. I hope this november has been as good for you as it has for me.


Lycka är att ägna sig åt saker man uppskattar pt.4

I finished the comic books about Scott Pilgrim earlier this week. They were (in my opinion, as so many others) better than the movie. This, however, says more about how good the comic was rather than the movie - the movie's still awesome, and one of the best I've seen in a long time.

The comic provided more background story and increased depth for the characters, and some jokes that there just wasn't room for in the movie.

Also, there's a video game about Scott Pilgrim. I haven't gotten myself to buy it yet, but I sure will when the time is right. I've spent some time on youtube listening (and loving) the soundtrack, however. It's one of the best game soundtracks I've heard in a while. An example:

Surprised? No, you shouldn't be. It's Anamanaguchi.

Lycka är att ägna sig åt saker man uppskattar pt.3

Finished it yesterday, waaay behind all others on the schedule. But that's what you get when you only can play it on your little brothers computer, about once or twice a month.

I'm talking about StarCraft II, of course.

I won't elevate this game as everyone else does. It's good, it's fun, but it's just a game. The characters were a bit over the top (surprise! It's Blizzard after all - I'm fully aware that I'm not part of the target audience...), and I wasn't all that impressed with how the story progressed (again, being a Blizzard game, I'm not surprised).

I'll give em' this though: Amazing voice acting, amazing level design, and every inch true to the original that I could ever have expected. Good job. Excellent job!

To bad I didn't enjoy it that much - and that was all my own fault.

Though, try it, you'll like it (probably, it's amazing, after all)

Lycka är att ägna sig åt saker man uppskattar pt.2

I went to see the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight at the Cinema with Olle tonight

Boy, was I amazed? In combining witty, up-to-date nerd humor with an extremely cute story, very matching special effects (and even better screenplay) and a bunch of memorable (or rather; meditative) quotes on how life is when growing up. I'll gladly state that this is by far the best movie I've seen this year. Also one of the best movies I've seen in my whole life.

Though, please remember then that I'm quite a critic when it comes to movies. Inception, for example, was good. It was memorable, it was cool to have seen at the cinema, and I'll probably buy it on DVD some day when I feel like. I enjoyed it as much as any other guy, and I suspect every other guy enjoyed it as much as me.

My point: Inception is one of the best movies this year, I liked it, but it ends there. This movie, on the other hand, had me... no, I won't go into describing my behaviour in the cinema. It was out of the ordinary, and we'll leave it at that. I've already decided to go see it again with Sandra in the coming week. I'm planning on buying the downloadable sidescrolling videogame, and I'm looking my eyes out online for a place where to order the soundtrack for the movie and the game (no luck so far; only mp3 downloads - but I want the real deal! Give me a real CD, damnit!). I'm stuck I want more.

Some of you probably think that's just like me, that this franchise fits me like a glove and that it's me who'se stupid not to have picked it up earlier. Tell you what: I've seen Scott Pilgrim comics on shelves in stores and told myself that I really shouldn't pick those up, because they'd probably be rather terrible - a franchise trying to earn cheap money on nerd humour because 'it's on' these days (like Big Bang Theory, for example). It's been a rather resolute opinion of mine (you know that tend to have those, from time to time), but I'm admitting my wrong and will try to pick up the first volume of the series tomorrow if I get the time...

I don't know what to say more... Go watch the movie, and don't watch any trailers before you go! The less you know, the more surprises there will be, and the greater an experience it will be on the whole. At least that's what I believe.

I can't say that I think that she's beautiful. Neither is she cute, nor hot.
She's damn attractive though, in some mysterious way... What's your secret, Ramona?

Edit 101115 21:12
Saw it at the cinema tonight again, this time together with Sandra, Hannes and Nina. Still awesome. A tad different with the a-ha factor gone, but still awesome. 

Lycka är att ägna sig åt saker man uppskattar pt.1

Yesterday I received this box on the mail:

It's the second edition, and it was released in 1998. Back then I was collecting a lot of warhammer and warzone miniatures, and I soooo wanted this box. But the box was very expensive back then (some 600kr), or at least for me as I was never good at saving as a kid.

And, now, finally, some 10 years lated I've got the box. Sure, I'm interested in the miniatures (you'll get to know why eventually if you keep following the blog), but what's really grand about the box is the history book that's also included.

But why would I want that, you ask? You see, my whole fantasy/sci-fi interest sort of got started with me being introduced to the card game Doomtrooper back in primary school. (This was even before I started reading into all GW lore, mind you...)

I've always loved all artwork the cardgame, but also for all the pictures and photos found in the trivia. In time this love for the artwork then made me increasingly interested in the story behind it all. By now this book has, on and off, been on my want-list for the better part of 8 years.

And yesterday, finally, I got it. Read it the whole evening, and on all available free time today. It isn't quality litterature if you haven't got a history with it, but as I do I can gladly admit that I loved it. Every part of it, corny as it might be.

Now, if only I could get my hands on one of those Doomtrooper starter boxes...

F for... Fhtagn?

For four years I've been able to pass each exam I've partaken in university, notwithstanding how much I've worked or how many courses I've been attending.

That streak ended today: I failed to pass my exam in mathematics :(

Not a surprise; still a blow. Taking three courses and teaching two student groups obviously was to much.

I'll be damned if I don't pass the re-exam coming up this december, however... Fingers crossed.

October 6: What concludes the mix


This last weekend Swedens likeliness to Tokyo Game Show made its first go, and I was at the scene, demoing the new fps-controller Frag FX for Playstation 3.



On beforehand I believed the event to flop, but now afterwards I believe it did just the opposite. Critique was put forward that there were no major announcements or anything at the site, but honestly: what did you expect?


Considering the resources I believe the whole thing to have done really well, and I hope next year will be as big a success as this one.


Photo time:


October 5: What barely survived

I started playing Borderlands together with Carl a while back. So far we've played two sessions. About 16 hours total.


Yes, that's a lot. That's why it's called a session.


While playing Borderlands I discovered I've got quite a taste for shooter RPG's taking place in an enormous wasteland...
 I bought Fallout 3 and sat down to have the time of my life.


And was utterly dissapointed.


The game just wasn't fun. I got my ass kicked by oversized cockroaches and the super mutant posed such hard kills that I only sighed when I could see one on the horizon. I turned it off when I was poised with the task to enter Rivet City, and I just couldn't find the way to enter the frickin' town. (turned out to be me reading the (somewhat critisizable) map wrong)


For the coming week I could be found mumbling insults towards the game for being such a hooking experience, yet so boring. Then, I decided to give it another try, testing out a character build opted more towards surviving the harshness of the wasteland rather than being as charismatic as he could ever be.


It all went better this time, and within the coming week I found myself enjoying one of my better gaming experiences up to date. VATS made combat much less a an issue than it could have been, and the story, in my opinion, was top notch – turning out not to be as over the top as many other RPGs of late (you become a hero, but not a hero of renown as in so many other games. Also, your father is very believable throughout, and I liked that very much.) Reading the map was still an annoying, time cunsuming issue, but I guess that's the price you have to pay...




As of now I've finished the game and made it through Operation: Anchorage, but still have the other four DLCs left to go through. And some more exploring to do. After that: New Vegas!



October 4: And here's what's more

I first encountered Andreas Roman when a friend of mine borrowed me his ex of När Änglar Dör (“When Angels Die”).


I sped through it: The story was really captivating (given the fact that I've always had a soft spot for angels and christian fiction) and mr Romans style of writing was something different from everything else I'd encountered before.


I didn't look up anything else he'd written.


...up until this spring when I bought and read his book Vigilante.


Now I've picked up Mörkrädd (“Fear of the Dark”) and I'm halfway through it as I'm writing this. It's haunting. Really haunting.


Also, I can recommend you to go to his webpage and look up everything there is to read for free. Det enda jag vill is especially good.


Andreas Roman is now competing with Neil Gaiman for favorite author. How good for me that you're allowed to have two.


This picture really captures the feeling the book conveys

October 3: And look what it did to me

Penny Arcade debuted back in 1998 (that's four years before I started at GameStop, can you believe? Ancient times, baby, waaay back. yadda yadda.) I started reading it maybe a year or two ago, but the progress' been slow.



Turns out webcomics are awesome when you need a break from studying to your upcoming exams!


It's quality humour if you're in the business. At least most of the time. Also, there's an argument that PA is one of the few game-related comics out there that's stayed true to what a web-comic ought to be and do, and I'd say I'm willing to agree with theme.


An excerpt. The last one made me laugh really hard.



October 2: So what did I do

I've spent some time outside of school and my apartment, really:


In september I went to see Blue Man Groups preformance together with my family and some relatives. Over all I wasn't so impressed by the show (it was mostly rather childish), but it did deliver one really good message:


Big towns are crowded, there's people everywhere – yet in the history of man people've never felt so alone as they do now.

Never alone, always alone.


This part of the show was actually pretty cool


There is a difference between loneliness and solitude (och btw, varför gör vi inte skillnad mellan de orden på svenska? Skillnaden i innebörd är faktiskt enorm.) - one's sometimes desirable while the other's not. Never. Still, more and more people are feeling more and more lonely.


This, I believe, is a potential huge problem for society (on par with gender-birth-rate-ratios) that I won't go into more today, but maybe some other time. In the meantime, ponder it for yourself and imagine what an effect escalation might impart on our world. Daunting.




The other cultural thing I've done is that I went to se the Swanlake together with Sandra and a bunch of collegues from my institution.


I never thought I'd say it, but I actually enjoyed a ballet. It was enthralling both musicwise and performancewise – I don't remember many details, and I'm not sure that I can entirely blame fatigue for that. That a pretty good grade from someone with my background, eh?


Best part of the show, imo


But, honestly: The royal opera was a sight to be believed, the performers did an amazing act, and the music was, to say the least, enchanting.


Turns out it ain't such a bad thing being cultural, after all :)

October 1: A lot to be done


I'm curious about what the observed t-value would be...


Last time I spoke with you the term had just started. Everything was coming along fine; both teaching and the three courses I took. It was a lot, but everything was under control.


That was september.


I believe that this october has been the most hectic time in my life ever.


In five weeks time I took four written exam, handed in two home-exams, corrected 85 hand-ins for my students (five for each group of students), corrected roughly 40 improvements for them as well, and taught almost for as many hours as I've spent in class myself. I've not worked at GameStop, as you know, which has been good – I don't think I'd have managed that as well.


Deriving a happy face


It's been one of my most interesting self-tests – I think I'm starting to see where my limit goes.


But enough about that (you don't want to hear about it anyway), and on to all the fun stuff that's been happening since last time.

Keeping it real

I don't like cars.

I don't like driving.

I definitely don't like driving games.

I want Gran Turismo 5, however.

Watching this, I felt the urge to drive, to race, for the first time in such a long time.

And I love the song. Part because it's good, part because it's full of one-liners:

Sick with the lies consuming our souls.

Give me one reason to take the breath we breathe for granted.

Maybe the end is the start that we need?

Life is to precious to waste.

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