Lycka är att ägna sig åt saker man uppskattar pt.1

Yesterday I received this box on the mail:

It's the second edition, and it was released in 1998. Back then I was collecting a lot of warhammer and warzone miniatures, and I soooo wanted this box. But the box was very expensive back then (some 600kr), or at least for me as I was never good at saving as a kid.

And, now, finally, some 10 years lated I've got the box. Sure, I'm interested in the miniatures (you'll get to know why eventually if you keep following the blog), but what's really grand about the box is the history book that's also included.

But why would I want that, you ask? You see, my whole fantasy/sci-fi interest sort of got started with me being introduced to the card game Doomtrooper back in primary school. (This was even before I started reading into all GW lore, mind you...)

I've always loved all artwork the cardgame, but also for all the pictures and photos found in the trivia. In time this love for the artwork then made me increasingly interested in the story behind it all. By now this book has, on and off, been on my want-list for the better part of 8 years.

And yesterday, finally, I got it. Read it the whole evening, and on all available free time today. It isn't quality litterature if you haven't got a history with it, but as I do I can gladly admit that I loved it. Every part of it, corny as it might be.

Now, if only I could get my hands on one of those Doomtrooper starter boxes...


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