Not sure I even want to try this, but God damn what a cool idea ^^

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch

The start of something big, one could hope.

Go Simon!

Länk till artikel.

and one more, and one more

Just deleted a bit more than 200 people from my Facebook friend page.

Had a discussion with Sandra about Facebook this weekend, and what it does to the privacy of peoples lives. To put it out there: I'm not a fan of Facebook, but I see the necisity of it on our modern (constantly uplinked) society. It's an effective media tool, and I'll give it credit for that. Even more credit for the fact that it's one of the most effective online time sinks out there.

Still, I don't like it as a spying tool (you have it right there, Sandra), and yhus the 'periphery' had to go.

Honestly, this isn't the first time I've done this. But last time I didn't delete such a big load of people...

Oh, well.

TSIVotBS epilogue: To eternity, and onwards

In the prologue I spoke about abandoning everything that demanded some kind of performance out of me, because I couldn't take the responisbility.

Now it's different. School's on (and I'm in the masters program now! woho!), and so is both teaching and my assistant job. Added to that is the fact that I now live together with my girlfriend and want to spend much of my free time together with her.

I want to write. It's fun. I love it. But there's also so many other things I want to do. I feel that I've done my fair share of blogging and that maybe it's time to move on. I haven't quit, no. And I won't. But the pace will be slower.

In the meantime; keep track on my album WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) on facebook. I will be putting all kinds of stuff up there for all to see, it you're interested.

Until next time

Take care, friend

In the last week I've read the last couple of albums of the Sandman, Neil Gaimans masterpiece. Most suiting, don't you think?

TSIVotBS chapter seven: The end of an era

Today I handed in my letter of termination at GameStop.

I've worked at the company for a full eight years (next month would be my first on the ninth year), and that's a pretty long time. (actually some 30% of my life, or my whole life as a grown-up, if you put it like that.)

I've learned a lot. About business, about people, about servicemindedness. About myself.

And throughout the the years I've bore witness to many changes; new workmates, new store managers, new area managers, new clothing guidelines, new furniture, new doctrines, new company name.  New games.

But I guess today is the ultimate change. At least for me.

Thank you everybody that I've worked with through the years. I'm more of a man today that I would have been without you.

TSIVotBS chapter six: row, row, row your boat...

These three guys are some of my oldest, and best, friends. We go way back to my secondary school days.

In the middle of August we went canoeing for two days. Starting at my parents place and aiming for Dalarö (would've gotten there if it wasn't for the bad weather!)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before the bad weather snuck up on us it was all very nice and beautiful:

A picture says more than a thousand words, right? So glad I didn't have to write this update, then :)

Thanks for a nice weekend, guys!

TSIVotBS chapter five: It's workin', it's workin'!

In August I had a four week internship at Statistics Sweden (Statistiska Centralbyrån).

Awesome place to work at.

Got my own room...

...presenting all the equipment I could ever ask for...

No, really:

I know you understand me when I say that that workplace was heaven. You don't have to agree with me, but I know you understand.

The saying goes that many students of statistics end up at Statistics Sweden sooner or later in their career. And for what I've come to understand few ever leaves. None of the collegues I worked with had been there for less than 10 years straight, and there was one who wouldn't tell for how long he'd been employed, just that it was some time past 20 years...

An employer has to be good to sport such a record, right?

TSIVotBS chapter four: 'Ding!

Went to a wedding. Not my own, though.

It was one of Sandras childhood friends who got married in a church a bit outside of Linköping.

It was all a very beautiful and enjoyable event, though there were some minor complications on the time plan at some points (at least in my humble opinion).

Some pics:

So beautiful...


The live band played a lot of awesome music, mostly swing-esque.  Made me wanna pick up lindy again...

Runaway, runaway... :)

TSIVotBS chapter three: Playing artistical

Everyone of you who've known me for a while knows that I collected Warhammer and 40K during my youth (for some eight or nine years of my youth, that is).

Since I quit back in 2003 I've still retained my interest for the hobby - fantasizing about building this great and awesome army circling around thise amazing theme just never grows old. (I am, after all, the kind of guy who gets addicted to stuff...)

And no, I haven't started collecting neither Warhammer nor 40K again (I'm sure some of you got a bit nervous there...). I have, however, expanded my Inquisitor collection.

Same shit different name? Almost. The big difference, however, is the size of the miniatures. Inquisitor figures are roughly twice the size of other gaming miniatures and thus make slightly better (or at least slightly more respectable) decorations in an avarage home.

But, so, you've expanded your collection you say. (you are thinking now) How come we haven't seen any of it yet?

Well, here you go:

This is what I started with. Got it as a gift from two of my friends on my 16th birthday (thank you Ken and Alex!) Painted it back then, and have always claimed it to be my masterpiece.

This is what the expanded collection looks like. None of them really quite finished, but all of them a good bit on the way.


Another shot.


And a third.

Not that impressive, huh? I don't think so, either. But that doesn't make me less proud of them. My little pieces of art, they are - that feeling of actually creating something yourself is a good one, and I cherish it with these.

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