Interlude: What to do on a Saturday?

Yesterday I took a day of and went through my Vtes archive to replenish my supply of decks for the weekly gaming nights.

I started at roughly ten in the morning, right after breakfast, and consequently kept building new decks until half past twelve in the night. That's fourteen hours of building and managing my archive. This resultet in five new decks and about ten new ideas for decks.

My mind was, frankly, bland when I went to bed. It's funny how fast time goes when you're sitting there...

Chapter 4: In which we hear about the source of all quotes

Youtube is both a blessing and a curse for humanity. It spreads news. It educates. It entertains.

It gives you common ground on which to quote from, thus helping people get closer to each other (now, that's a corny one, even for me...).

One such video I found quite a while back is Creature Combat IV: Slaughterhouse. It impersonates, in a funny way, the frustration one might feel when you're being beaten to pulp in a beat em' up.


The next one is even more odd, really: For all I know us swedes have at least a decent reputation for cooking out there in the world. These guys, on the other hand, seems to be doing everything within their power destroy that reputation; or at least contesting it, to a certain degree.

Either way, it's incredibly funny, IMO:


I've quoted these two videos countless times by now. And once they go out of fashion Youtube will provide me new videos to quote. Thank you Youtube!

Chapter 3: In which we hear about all the nerdy stuff

Last fall I got this box on the mail:

Wicked logo...

Anyone recognize the logo? Nostaaalgia...

Anyway. The box contained this.

Basically the foundation of my soon-to-be Warhammer 40.000 Imperial Guard army. (that's such a long and nerdy phrase, and you just can't pussyfoot around it...)

Pic of the progress:

Considerable amount of hours put into this project, for sure...

And I guess that will be the closing statement of that... I'll report next then the army approaches completion.


While I'm at it: I've finally been able to pick up storage boxes for my vampire cards! Turns out I've acquired quite the bunch over the last nine months... (surprise, anyone?)

It's interesting to note how Vampire and Magic, both created by the same genius, have evolved in such different manners.  In Magic a deck is expensive, a collection more so, so I always found it logical (and economically viable) to keep my collection small-and-up-to-date, rather than big-and-all-inclusive. This stance, however, goes toes to toes with my nature of collecting things. I want a collection!


Well, yeah, so that was one of many reasons I quit Magic...

I think I'm reaching the critical point where I've invested more into Vampire than I did in Magic back in the days - the big difference is that this time I've actually got a collection possible of all obvious (and non-obvious) combinations necessary to keep me occupied for years to come (or at least weeks red anm).

And this is where the storage boxes enters the picture and plays their part: Managing a card collection is bothersome work unless you have
1) a good filing system for it
2) a good way to store the cards
3) a good place to store the cards
That's logic.

I'm working on the third one at the moment - looking for the perfect shelf spot, hehehe...

Buttom line: Fun is fun, is fun, is fun.

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