Chapter 4: In which we hear about the source of all quotes

Youtube is both a blessing and a curse for humanity. It spreads news. It educates. It entertains.

It gives you common ground on which to quote from, thus helping people get closer to each other (now, that's a corny one, even for me...).

One such video I found quite a while back is Creature Combat IV: Slaughterhouse. It impersonates, in a funny way, the frustration one might feel when you're being beaten to pulp in a beat em' up.


The next one is even more odd, really: For all I know us swedes have at least a decent reputation for cooking out there in the world. These guys, on the other hand, seems to be doing everything within their power destroy that reputation; or at least contesting it, to a certain degree.

Either way, it's incredibly funny, IMO:


I've quoted these two videos countless times by now. And once they go out of fashion Youtube will provide me new videos to quote. Thank you Youtube!

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2011-09-28 @ 07:54:22

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