Travelin' wide and broad (huntin' high an low)

This weekend I went to Linköping to work at NärCon 2011, a multi-cultural convention focusing on asian culture and cosplay. I was recruited (together with two others) to conduct various statistical studies and tests, and to plan a survey to be sent out to all convention attendees.
I had a good time. It was all pretty cool.

I'm writing this from a hotel room in Oslo. Tomorrow I'll make a presentation on one of our products from one of our product suites to a client of ours. A bit nervous, but it's probably gonna' be alright.

Years back I would have loathed this situation. Probably six months back as well. Now, however, I don't mind that much. I wonder why?

I guess the easy answer is Sandra's affecting me, but I can't say I dislike this transgression of opinions. Traveling is pretty neat, considering you've got the time and money for it...

Anyway. Off to finish my presentation and then get some sleep before hotel breakfast tomorrow morning!

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2011-09-28 @ 07:52:38

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