It's all about time(ing)

I'm looking forward to Innistrad coming this fall. Five cards spoiled so far, each and every one with incredible art - and on top of that it's a graveyard-centered block, Garfields been part of the design team (first time since Ravnica, which was the last really good block, imo), and Liliana is one of the two prominent planeswalkers.

So it looks like I'm gonna be spending time with mtg in the coming year...

But there's also the European Championships in VtES coming up this November, and they are finally starting to release more cards for LotR LCG...

Speaking of which: I'm of a mind to create a custom set for LotR LCG. Not sure I'm going to accomplish anything, as right now I'm working on relearning Photoshop - and that's a first step!

And, speaking of that: Henric dropped by and played some LotR and talked some VtES. And among all the talking there was a wish, a request.

A bit neat, imo. Especially for me and Henric who knows how the photo looked when we started up the project...

I hope I'll be able to continue producing work like this :)

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2011-09-28 @ 07:52:59

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