There were supposed to be more chapters after that interlude... Oh, well.

I'm making a clean stroke here.

Back in March I got a job. A full time job.


A full time job inclines you to be at the same spot, working, roughly 40 hours every week, often more.
This binding of time will eventually have you priorotising.

And me who wasn't paying much attention to this blog even before that... sheesh.

Anyhow. I'll see what I can do about that this time around.

Since March I've stepped up my modelling and am now expanding on my Imperial Guard army, this time adding tanks to support my fragile infantery. I've also started building a Tyranids army, but it's not any Tyranids: I'm custom-modelling a necromancer cult raising zombies and summoning other-dimensional beasts. There will probably be pics once I've started project of painting all the models - for the last couple of months I've just been building.

Most of my other time I've spent with Sandra and with friends. I'm playing boardgames, watching a couple of tv-shows (including Doctor Who, Death Note and Battlestar Galactica), meet with my Vtes pals most wednesdays, and no video games.

Also, I've picked up a couple of core sets for LotR LCG by FFG. And I've started a small project on that - we'll see if it turns into something, or if it's just one other of those 'oh, figure we'd do...'-ideas,

If this takes root and actually turns into something, I'll definitely keep you posted. (which I really hope, this plan being both grandiose and manageable in the same time, for instance!)

And sooo... Off to work :)

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2011-09-28 @ 07:53:19

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