Chapter 2: In which we hear about the big change

Mid-february a collegue of mine at school moved. She moved to a smaller apartment and wanted to get rid of her a-tad-too-big 160-bed. Me and Sandra, on the other hand, had started to feel a bit cramped sharing a 120 bed.

You see the fit?


Not that subtle, I know =/

Anyway, here's the beauty:

mm, so much room when sleeping...

Thanks to this one replacing our old bed we got the inspiration we needed to redecorate our apartment severely. The old workroom is now our bedroom, the living room is... still a living room, yet a bit more work room-ish. And our old bedroom is now a media room. Everything's changed. Everything's for the better.

You see; at the time we were discussing that maybe we should try finding an apartment in the more central parts of town. We didn't know why, really, but we were both restless for change, and we couldn't really think of anything but moving. Enter bed and it all fchanged. Yokatta!

Buttom line: The devil is in the details, as they say. We knew there was something missing - and we found it! Sometimes (mostly?) the stories have good endings.


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