Preludes and reflections

There's so many things I want to do...

* Finish up Dragon Age 2
* Go through Lair of the Shadowbroker and Arrival in Mass Effect 2
* Finish my heavy weapons teams for my Imperial Guard army
* Build a couple of different Vampire decks; Uriel, Ankla Hotep, Lady Constancia, Troglodytia...
* Start reading my Sherlock Holmes: Collected edition

There's so many things I should do...

* Read in on Import/Extraction in Excel
* Read in on SiteCatalyst
* Read in on Google Analytics
* Read in on Matlab
* Catch up on this blog...

I guess I'll start buttoms' up.


Last time you heard from me it was christmas, a christmas I'd spent dead as a dodo (or at least it felt that way). Back then, all I thought about it was 'unfair'. It was 'unfair' that I'd have to spend my christmas in that sorry state.

Throughout this first quarter I've come to realize that it wasn't unfair. Rather, it was the opposite: Noone deserved that break(down) more than I did.

Back in June when I went on vacation (i.e. only working 2-3 days/week @ GameStop) I was in a great need of relaxion. I'd spent a year writing two thesises, I'd started teaching at university, I'd hosted four flatmates (not including Sandra) within the spectrum of eight months. I was drained - and I had no idea whatsoever.

Anyway. Two months almost free of work, of school, of anything. I needed that. I could probably have done with a month more. Probably.

Come August I spent a month at SCB, and then I went directly back to school, studying 1,5 times full time and teaching 2/3 times full time. That was stupid. Upon finishing all my exams and wrapping up all the teaching I went on to work at Gamex, and then I went for a three-day programming course at SAS, and then it was back to school studying 1,5 times full time again.

That week; Exam --> Gamex --> SAS --> back to school was probably the most stupid thing I've done in my life, ever. I'm still paying for it today. And that's why I have worked on the blog since christmas; I've been to tired to do so. Way to tired.

But! Now I'm back - at least for a recap. We'll do a chapter thing just like last time, so buckle up!

"Sorry, out of facts, please move along..."


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