The Fall of Tournaments, part 2

Today I attended the Swedish National Championships in Vampire: The Eternal Struggle in Örebro.

The tournament was three rounds followed by a final. I was playing Tryphosa Bleed&Block.

First round I played second but got a bad crypt draw. My prey was a finnish player playing Potence-combat and the rest of the table was big-cap / Inner Circle decks. I managed to oust my prey but then fell victim to all the big-caps.

What I learned: Maris is significantly worse as a star vampire in my deck than Tryphosa. 0 GP 1 VP.

Second round my grandpredator was a Weenie-dementation and my predator was a Malk-94. I get Dreams on my opening hand (and play fourth) so I manage to get Tryphosa out on turn 2. My preys first vampire gets Pentexed the turn it enters play and my predator plays Madness Network --> I get to bleed with Tryphosa even on the turn I get her into play. Two turns later my prey and predator are both low on pool while me and both my grandprey and grandpredator are more safe. During my grandpredators minion phase my predator bounces a bleed and takes the rest, declining to even try to block, at the end of the minion phase he then bleeds me with both his minions. I bounce both and then it's my turn to act. Both my prey and predator are on two pool. I oust my prey with one bleed and then oust my predator with another! By doing this I gave a VP to my grandpredator, the most aggressive deck at the table, but at the same I saved myself from another two heavy bleeds from him during his minion phase. I really feeled like a jerk backousting, but at the same time it was a little bit revitalizing... Talk about playing the table! My new prey was ousted a short while later (too much preasure, basically). In the heads up I Pentexed one of the Weenie-dementations vampires, leaving him with two and me with three that were almost empty (due to Tryphosas ability). He also played a Dreams of the Sphinx and contested me for a turn, but I kept my contest while he yielded the following turn (one of the key moments according to Ivan). Up until this point I'd drawn mostly aggressive cards (Kindred Spirit, Confusion and Deflection), but now the deck changed and I only drew Second Tradition and Obedience... A typical turn looked like this: I Kindred Spirits bleed with one vampire, hunt with another, hunt with Tryphosa. He tries to remove Pentex with his first vampire, I play Second Tradition on Tryphosa (she then has no blood) and play Obedience, he tries to remove Pentex with his second vampire, and again I play Second Tradition and Obediance. I did this two or three times. It was awesome. He was kind of frustrated. The game ends soon after when I start drawing bleed cards again. 4-1 and a game win in a game where I ousted all the other players - this is how Vtes should be played! I spoke with Andreas afterwards (the guy who played Weenie-dem) and he said that he was fooled by all the cards in my ash heap: When our heads up begun I'd played 1 Second Tradition so he figured that I was playing about 4 - I don't play 4, I play 10, together with 8 Obedience. Also, he was saving up Deny's in his hand to be able to torporize my vampires once we'd enter combat with each other (he figured it would happen eventually...), once again he wasn't really expecting the 8 Obedience...

The game was one of the best I've ever played: Good moods, good tabletalking, hard choices and a lot of good plays (some more planned than others: keeping contest on Dreams, Pentex on Weenie-dems third vampire, Second Tradition + Obedience, back-ousting in my grandpredators minion phase... Awesome!) 1 GP 5 VP

The third game my seating was really bad: I played first and had 1 transfer and my predator was playing Weenie-dementation and had 4 transfers, transfering up Jackie in the first turn, and then transfering up Apache Jones in turn two. I had a really aggressive hand but knew that I needed to draw into my defensive cards in order to stay alive, so I started by transfering up Persia and equipping her with a Heart of Nizchetus. I then transferred up Tryphosa with only 3 pool left. With help of the Heart I managed to draw into my defensive card (they started coming after I'd filtered through like a third of my deck), and from that point I turteled up like never before. One hour (and an incredible amount of Second Tradition, Obedience and Deflection, and 1 Parity Shift in my favor stolen from my predator) later I'd managed to transfer up Quentin King III and saw my chance to launch: Pentex on my preys star vampire (he was playing a Tzimiche wall, his star vamp having 2 permacept an a sniper rifle) and bleeding for 6 putting my prey on 2. I was now standing with Tryphosa with 1 blood untapped with a Kindred Spirits and Faceless Night in hand. My grandprey was on 2 pool as well, however, so I was rather (read: insanely) afraid of bleed-bounce. I also had 2 Obedience and 2 Deflection in hand, so I decided to wait another turn (it would feel so horrible to give a VP to my prey!). My prey tapped on of his small vampire to try to remove Pentex. I blocked with Tryphosa and played Obedience - and my predator plays Touch of Clarity on my Obedience forcing me block and lose my only blood on Tryphosa! This left me in a loss position as well as I was left with no wakes in hand. Said and done, I was ousted the next turn. Well played Touch of Clarity!

I was feeling rather miserable throughout this whole game (it's not healthy to be stuck on 3-5 pool for more than an hour...), but I still feel that I was putting up quite the fight considering my position! Being ousted first rendered me of all my chances of getting to the finals, however, but at 1 GP 5 VP I managed to finish 10th out of 49, which I'm quite proud of for a first attendance!

Now all I have to do is make some rebuilds in preparation for European Championships in Warsaw in November, but first I'm off to Milan next weekend for some Magic: The Gathering Innistrad Sealed Grand Prix magic. Stay tuned!


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